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The Savior Chapter 1: Saving the Monster Population by Breeding Their Sexy Women!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

"Oh, fuck," Sheida squealed as I held her horns while fucking her plump rear from behind. "Yes! Yes! Just like that!"

I watched her tongue roll out of her mouth in the mirror as she started to go cross-eyed. Succubi like her were extremely vain and preferred to watch themselves while having sex. She grabbed one of her large breasts as I thrust into her ferociously. My balls slapped against her clit as her ass jiggled in massive waves.

Sheida's pussy squeezed my throbbing cock like a vice as her juices flowed down the sides of our legs. Sheida moaned and panted, grabbing her other breast and rubbing them while enjoying the view of standing doggystyle.

"Fucking breed me, you little stud." She cooed, pressing herself into my thrusts. "Flood my pussy with that big dick of yours and all that hot cum."

I always appreciated specific requests. Following orders, I tightened my grips on Sheida's horns and took a fistful of hair for good measure. I sped up my thrusts, and she coiled her heart-shaped tail around the base of my cock, squeezing it. With an electric shock of pleasure, we orgasmed together.

Sheida screamed as drool started to dribble out the side of her mouth. "Ahhh!" Cum exploded out into her, and I pressed her against the glass of the mirror. She gasped from the cold of the mirror against her sensitive nipples.

After holding still for a moment, I collapsed onto her purple silk sheets. Sweat glistened on my skin as I panted, trying to catch my breath. When I looked down, Sheida's heavy purple breasts swayed as she climbed on top of me.

"Mooorrreee...." She pouted, holding the cum inside of her with her tail. "I need to fuck you more."

My mind began to swirl as her eyes glowed, trying to trap me in her spell. With a well-practiced pinch to my side, I snapped out of it and checked the clock. It was only ten in the morning.

"Sheid," I sighed, looking at the gorgeous demoness. "I don't have any appointments until twelve-thirty today. You don't have to resort to brainwashing."

Sheida's pout was quickly replaced by a devilish grin as she licked her lips. I felt her silken hands rubbing against my now instantly hard cock.

"Damn," I thought to myself. "I love sex magic."

Sheida quickly reinserted my cock into her as she started bouncing up and down. Her abdominal muscled bulged slightly from the path of my erection. Sheida bit her lip and summoned a mirror in front of her to enjoy the show.

Bouncing up and down on top of me, I felt her tighten and spasm repeatedly. Grabbing her breasts, I played with her nipples, sending her over the edge again.

Sheida fell onto me, kissing me deeply and coiling her long tongue around me.

"Cum for me, Flynn," she said between breaths. "Cum for me until you've got nothing left."

I wrapped my arms around her as she worked her magic. She was able to move her body in ways I didn't know was possible, leaving my lower half no choice but to concede. As I came, Sheida orgasmed as well, screaming to the heavens. (Or to hell, but whatever.)

"You're mine, Flynn!" She shouted for the rest of the building to hear. "You're my lover forever." With those magic words, she started to glow bright red.

Usually, I'm good for about five or six ropes. But when Sheida started chanting in demon, I felt my balls tighten, and my cum went from pumping to spraying. My mind went blank, and I started to fade out of consciousness. An endless ocean of pleasure drowned me while the succubus collected her reward.

An hour later, I woke up with a start.

"Gah!" I shot up from the bed, Sheida's arm around my chest and lazily lapping on my crotch. Her belly had plumped from our vigorous sex. She looked at me seductively, tracing a finger on my arm.

"You weren't supposed to get up for another hour," She teased.

I jumped out of bed, looking for my clothes. The time read 11:45, and I was about to be late. While I hurriedly grabbed my pants and shirt Sheida had ripped, she started to lazily masturbate.

"Are you ever satisfied?" I asked brusquely, buttoning my shirt.

Sheida rolled her eyes, and with a snap of her fingers, she was dressed in a tube top and booty shorts. She finished buttoning my shirt and kissed me on the cheek. Grabbing onto my arm, we walked out of her apartment and into the large hallway. A cacophony of noises erupted as masses of people, monsters, demons, and plenty of half-breeds ran to their jobs, meetings, classes, and more.

"Is this place ever going to organize itself?" I groaned, thinking about my appointment on the other side of the complex. "Dr. Nu is going to skin me alive."

A pair of scientists, one a slime-girl, the other a red oni, waved at me as I pushed my way to the elevator. I waved back at Ubi and Neeva, making a mental note for their appointments tomorrow in the morning and afternoon. Sheida pushed us into the elevator and quickly shut it before anyone could join.

Sheida rubbed my shoulder and handed me an energy drink. "Well, once we prevent all the monster and demon folk from going extinct, it'll be more manageable."

I drank the caffeinated sugar bomb coated in blueberry flavoring, hoping for a 200-milligram kick. God, I wished the Alliance had a cherry flavor in the vending machines. Heading down to the negative third floor meant we had a long way down, and Sheida took the opportunity to unzip my pants as she got on her knees.

"Christ, woman." I grunted as she got me hard as steel with a few strokes. "Don't you ever get enough?"

She toyed with it for a second before wrapping her tongue around it several times. Getting jerked off by a well-versed tongue is an experience like no other.

"Jusht gettin' you ready..." Sheida said, muffled while reaching under her shirt. "Gotta make shure da breeder is ready."

Right as I was about to pop, the elevator dinged, alerting us to our arrival. The negative third floor was a massive complex of laboratories filled with experiments. Walking over to an office room with Dr. Nu's name on it, we knocked on the door. A bolt of lightning shot behind us, and a cat smacked onto the wall, sticking feet first.

A scientist holding a gun-like contraption lifted a pair of goggles, laughing maniacally. "Ha! Electrostatic wall-climbing!"

The black cat gave the elven man a stern look and turned into a human with cat's ears, standing perpendicular to the wall. The woman pointed at him threateningly. "You are so dead!"

Before she could do anything, Dr. Nu's door opened up. Looking down, I saw a green-skinned woman with large ears, long black hair, and big round glasses. Oh, and a chest bigger than Sheida's and an ass to match. She looked at me and then at Sheida with an unhappy look.

"You're two minutes late." She tutted, bringing us into the office. Every square inch of the cramped office was covered in papers and diagrams of different bodies, historical texts, and glasses filled with mysterious liquids.

I tried to explain what happened, but Sheida put a hand over my mouth. The look on her face let me know I was in trouble. Dr. Nu disappeared behind her desk before appearing behind an oversized chair that rose into the air so she could be eye-level with us.

"Mr. Blaser, do you like working here?" The goblin scientist asked. "Do you enjoy Earth's diplomatic mission here on the moon?"

I thought about it and couldn't think of why I wouldn't.

"I do, Doc." I said, scratching the back of my head. "Good pay, benefits are nice, hours can be long though..."

"The hours you're getting paid to have procreative sex with scores of monster and demon women." Dr. Nu said bluntly. "Earth sent you here to the Moon, the home of the Monster-Gate to save our species. Have you not been treated well?" She turned and looked to Sheida. "Has your handler not made your stay comfortable?"

"Of course she has!" I blurted, worried Sheida could get in trouble.

"Then why are you caught jerking off so much!?" Dr. Nu shouted, slamming a tiny fist on the table. "Why are you wasting precious fluid!? You are the only one in existence with blank DNA capable of procreating ad infinitum and without worry of any long term genetic changes to our different species."

I looked at her, confused. I'd only been on the job a few weeks, and to help out, I'd been sending "samples" to scientists to speed up the process. The collectors usually blushed but never told me I was doing anything wrong.

"Ma'am, I was just trying to help with any artificial inseminations," I explained. Both Dr. Nu and Sheida to look at me like I was crazy.

Dr. Nu scowled and stood on the table.

"You are not here to masturbate," she growled, walking over and sticking a finger in my face. "You are here to have wild, rough, procreative sex with the various species we managed to bring here to the Moon. You are here to breed the women you live with and empty your seed into their fertile stomachs.

"Wombs," Sheida corrected quietly.

Dr. Nu kept her eyes on me. "Wombs, yes." She looked me up and down for a minute. "Speaking of which..."

Dr. Nu ripped off her lab coat, revealing her large breasts and plump rear. She pulled out a large and wet dildo from herself and threw it on the floor. It looked like a slightly smaller version of my real-life appendage.

"Your appointment today is to flood me with as much cum as possible." Dr. Nu said, unzipping my pants revealing my still hard cock from the elevator ride. "We will be testing the maximum capacity for carriage of semen with goblinoids."

When she sat on my cock, it bulged out of her stomach much more intensely than Sheida. My handler licked her lips and used Dr. Nu's dildo while the show started.

"How long will this experiment be, Doc?" I grunted as I felt her impossibly tight pussy squeeze me.

Dr. Nu panted as she wrapped her arms around my neck for added leverage. Looking into her eyes, I noticed her pupils had turned to hearts. No doubt a result of her crazed experiments.

"I booked you for the whole afternoon."

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