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My Savior, the Warrior Orc

Am I a muscle-chaser? Yes. Did I get saved early in life by an Orc woman Barbarian? Yes. Did these things make me chase after my savior? Yes. Am I currently balls-deep in a buxom orc woman in the bed of a vampire king we slew two hours ago?

"YES!" Lady Gurga shouted as she rode on top of me, pinning my arms to the bed. "Yes, Mage Aven, continue to make sweet love to me!"

The wooden four-poster bed groaned under the force of the Amazonian woman's thrusts downward. Muscles bulged and popped from Gurga's body as her mountainous breasts waved up and down. Gurga's broad shoulders and massive arms flexed as she breathed deeply and grinned down at me.

"Lady Gurga!" I shouted, unable to pry myself free from her iron vice grip. "I'm about to cum!"

The rugged adventurer smiled, and she knelt, grinding her hips against me. I felt her breath against mine, and I looked her in her eyes. Lady Gurga's were both bright silver and stared with the intensity of a tigress. Unable to stop myself, I craned my neck up and kissed her.

Surprised, her tusks bumped against my teeth, but soon she let out a muffled grunt. I felt her mouth open as she shoved her tongue out, kissing me deeply and passionately. Her legs wrapped around mine, trapping me even further as she drove her body up and down, squeezing me with the muscles inside of her wet, tight pussy.

I felt Lady Gurga tighten and spasm as she gasped, shouting out into the echoed chamber. We both moaned in pleasure as she held me down, and the wood frame began to splinter and crack. With one final thrust of her hips, I felt the flood gates open up, and a wave of pleasure washed over me.

My orgasm flooded deep into her as she kept all of me inside her. Her wet pussy vibrated and spasmed as our orgasms mixed. Unable to fight it, I lifted my head and kissed Lady Gurga deeply, passionately giving my tongue to her. She responded in kind as every last bit of my cum was pumped into her.

"You are a devilish mage Aven." She purred, sliding next to me as I caught my breath. "You are a fine addition to our group."

One of the other team members, an elf girl named Laurila, came out and gestured for us to hurry up. Lady Gurga pointed a sword at her, causing the door to slam shut and lock.

"The others thought I only wanted you for your body," She continued, holding me close. "But I saw potential. It is thanks to you the vampire is slain and the treasure is ours."

I laughed sheepishly, thinking about me how I saved the team.

"I just like casting fireballs." I laughed.

Lady Gurga laughed heartily for a minute and then fell silent. Her eyes were pensive as we stared into the hole in the ceiling. The night sky poured its moon and starlight in, creating a dance of light and shadows. Lady Gurga's sharp features, highlighted by her proud tusks, took my breath away.

How could someone so beautiful be so equally powerful? How could she finally be here, right beside me? Wrapped safely in her arms like so long ago...

"I also really like you," I whispered. Lady Gurga's far-away look disappeared as she snapped her head in my direction, blinking rapidly. "I don't know if you remember the Alvirin Raids, Lady Gurga..."

She looked at me sadly and brushed the hair out of my eyes.

"I was travelling with my companions at the time, searching for a missing artifact when we came across the burning city... Too many lives lost. Too much innocent blood spilled." She saddled back on top of me and cocked her head. "Why?"

I stared up at Lady Gurga, the object of my affection and adoration. Her bulging muscles rippled along her body. The dark shadows make her eyes glow in the dark, like a pair of moons. My heart raced faster than it had during any battle.

I lifted my hand and cupped her face in my hand, my thumb tracing her purple lipstick that had smeared. I traced my hand down to her neck, where a burn scar had faded. Her breathing quickened, and her eyes widened. Tears stung her eyes, as did mine.


"Was there." I finished for her, biting my lower lip. "The burning church that the cultists set ablaze. I was in there with the other orphans when you burst open the door they'd locked. You saved us."


"Lady Gurga. You saved me that day and taught me what it means to be a hero. I promised myself I would thank you one day. That I'd... show what you did that day. The good that you created."

Lady Gurga started to cry, as did I. She squeezed me in her arms, and I held her tight. My savior had become my mentor. And my mentor had become my lover. As I entered her again, our lips connecting us, our bodies one, I knew that she would become my one and only.

"I promise Aven," She whispered into my ears before nibbling on my neck, pressing her massive breasts onto me. "The man you are today is nothing compared to the man you will become... The man I will care for... The man I will love."

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