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Elf University of Earth 2

And You Thought Freshman Year was Hard

Alex's racing more than dragons in his sophomore year. He's in a race against time against a mysterious cult!

After making a name for himself as the first human to attend Elf

University of Earth, he's coming into his second year with mighty expectations. Now living off campus with the beautiful Alrie, Omylia, Gigi, and Zalina, Alex will have to balance his academics, co-captain status with the dragon racing team, and personal life with a brand new mission thrust onto him: Investigating the mysterious Epsilon Nu Delta, or E.N.D. Is this new fraternity as harmless as it says it is? Or will the specters of Alex's past run-ins with the EUE frat life return to haunt him?

Whether it's navigating student-athlete life with the soccer captain Omylia, keeping the house in order with the spunky, preppy, Alrie, investigating E.N.D with Gigi, a goth goblin, or agonizing every move in chess class with the 1/4 succubus Zalina, Alex's in for another wild ride at EUE.


Hi. I like making spicy stories. So that's what you'll find here. I also use this place as a repository of my captions, scripts, and whatever other content I decide to post on my subreddit /r/SolomonIgnis.

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