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Reborn A Hero:
Asher Merrick

A Harem-Lit Epic Adventure

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Reborn A Hero: Asher Merrick

A Harem-Lit Epic Adventure

Asher Merrick never thought a night out with his college friend would cost him his life. But a second chance, thanks to the mysterious Gathos, God of the Lost, has granted him an opportunity. A chance he doesn't intend to waste.

Thrust into a magical world of dragons and danger, swords and sorcery, might and magic, Asher Merrick is ready to prove himself. He's ready to prove that the extraordinary power he received will unlock his potential.


Will this power be enough to help him and his new companions solve the mystery in Naled's underbelly? Can he and the Red Breaker guild prevent another incursion of undead from destroying the port city? And will Asher be able to protect those that he holds most dear to him?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: He's just getting started.


Hi. I like making spicy stories. So that's what you'll find here. I also use this place as a repository of my captions, scripts, and whatever other content I decide to post on my subreddit /r/SolomonIgnis.


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