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I'm Sorry Father. But I Will Sin.

“And unto our own sin, it is not only ours to absolve!” I gripped the podium, pointing a finger in the air. “It is not the sinner who must forgive themselves, but us, the flock who shall let them in.”

I paused a moment, settling my words over the heads of the scattered attendants. From the stage, the eyes of our patrons were indistinguishable from the flickering candles and light drifting through the stained glass.

Only the tiny shadows of heads bobbing up and down in prayer broke the visual of a stony void. Tiny, except for one glittering emerald in my vision. My eyes locked on with greed at the figure of a new member of our clergy. Penelope Cutter, a soft-spoken orc from the Southern Continent.

She walked along the pews, helping take prayer requests and donations as we continued our sermon. Her firey locks dimmed the candles around her. As if The Light itself in the flesh, burning with all the beauty and wonder of this mortal realm. And life… and lust…

“I am a sinner.” I said, shaking myself back to reality. “I, a demon, was reborn of hellfire and brimstone.” My tail flicked back and forth along the ground, its point swaying like a cobra. “I am sin. My love of the mortal realm has wrought me to this holy space. And here I am. Sharing this most holy communion, with you.”

Before I could finish my sermon, I felt something catch in my throat. Penelope had just walked up the aisle, brushing her hair back behind her headdress. The way the soft candlelight bounced off her face, accentuating every feature, every… curve. My heart raced along with my eyes, devouring every inch of her. In a fraction of a half moment, I watched her, our eyes locked. They locked for eternity, wrapped in the moments between a heartbeat.

“...And this space that we share is precious.” I said, unable to tear my eyes away.

I spoke in half thoughts and unfinished notes, hastily wrapping up service for the evening. My head was a fog of unknown ideas and devious pleasures. All wrapped in the silken green bow of Penny. I dashed off to my duties in confession as soon as possible, avoiding my fellow clergy and devoting myself to the laymen.

Sitting atop my cushioned seat, I felt my weight press down in my wooden box. And with each confession, I felt the weight of my fellow man’s sin.

“Forgive me father, but I have sinned,” Came the voice of a throaty old man sitting beside me, with only a thin wall betwixt. “I raised my voice at my son and took my hand across his face. I have not shown him love like a father should.”

A parent who strikes a defenseless child… And so we spoke. We prayed. I removed my pince-nez as we bowed our heads, feeling the warmth of His light in our prayer. And that warmth stayed with me through the day’s confessions.

“Forgive me, Father Mogar….”

“...I have sinned….”

“My drinking…”

“My husband…”

“My anger…”

With each admission, with each pleading for forgiveness, my chest tightened. The sins of man were great, and their burden heavy. Both the sins from others and the sins of our own…

I wiped my brow, feeling their pain. Their regret. Stepping out of the confession booth, a trickle of moonlight danced through the windows. It was late, and I needed to return home. I needed relief from… duty. If only for a moment.

Clack. Clack. Clack.

“Excuse me, Father Mogar,” Came the silken voice I feared I’d run into. “I’m sorry to bother you.”

I turned to Penelope, slowly exhaling.

“You’re never a bother, Sister Cutter. How may I help you?”

Our eyes locked again, caught in the firey embers bouncing off her golden eyes.

“Please, Sister Penny is fine.” Penny’s face held a peculiar font, something… hungry in her eyes, perhaps? “I hate to ask so much of you, Father. But I seek forgiveness.”

A shock went up my throat as I felt her place a delicate hand on my chest. Her eyes held a pleading candor, begging for my word.

“Of course, Sister Cut-errrr… Sister Penny.”

I opened her side of the confession door before walking over to mine. With a small sigh, I whispered a short prayer before waiting for Penny to start. Penny did not speak, however, and I could only hear shuffling from the other side.

“Sister Penny?” I asked, fighting perverse curiosity. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes… Father Mogar.” To my surprise, the wall between us began to slide. It was exceptionally rare to have confession face to face. I could not see Penny in the dark as the wall pushed away on its hinges.

She let out a soft breath before speaking. “Forgive me father, but I will sin.”

I replayed her words in my head.

“Sister Penny, confession is for….”

Before I could finish my sentence, She emerged from her side of the booth, standing over me. Completely baren of her cloth.

“Penelope!” I gasped, shooting upward. “What is the—”

Her delicate hand found my chest again, brushing back and forth. Her ample chest pressed against me.

“I cannot stop myself, Mogar,” she whispered, clutching my cassock. “I desire you. I lust for you.”

Pushing me back to my seat, I felt her tusks graze my neck.

“Do you not feel the same? Have our eyes not locked and souls the same?”

“I… I…” Words escaped me as I felt my will begin to slip.

“Are you not mortal like us all? To err is to be mortal?”

Without thinking, I felt my hands grasp her sides. Squeezing her and eliciting a singular moan.

“I am a man of the cloth,” I growled. “A servent of the Almighty. I will not defile it with my unnecessary… Uncouth…”

My heart slammed against my chest, desperate for reprieve. My teeth bared at the thought of succumbing to my…

“...Most desperate desires.” I finished, wrapping her waist with my tail. “Is that what you want?”

The flat end of my tail brushed against her clit. Slowly. And methodically.

“Ahhh… Yes, Father.” Penny whispered into my ears, tightening her grip around one of my horns. “I want it.”

Lord, forgive my sins today like the sins of old. Grant mercy on this wretched soul.

After the quick prayer, I let out a long sigh, wrapping my hands around her hips. With a turn of my head, we were face to face, only the barest light to grant the mercy of seeing her figure. She was soft and warm, like a summer’s cloud.

“You are a sinner, Penelope,” My words were low and gravelly.

She squirmed in my grasp as I flicked her back and forth with my tail.


With each flick, each slow circling, I watched her writhe in my grasp, incapable of escape.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” She whimpered, biting her finger. “I’ve been a bad girl.”

Something inside me reacted to her words. Something… dark. Perverse. Powerful.

“You dare.” I said, my voice almost warbling. “Pervert the very sanctity of this hallowed ground?”

I pinned her up against the door, cradling her thighs in my arms. Unable to speak, Penny could only nod her head.

“If this is what you want, then you must take it yourself.”

Without a word, she understood me. With a single fluid motion, the lower part of my vestments was by my ankles. And her hands were now holding my erect member in her hands.

“Well?” I whispered, pushing her back against the wicker-patterned door.

With a wrap of her legs and a tug of her hand, we both let out a gasp, stifled only in the shoulders of each other.

“Shit.” I growled, unable to hold my tongue. Holding her tight, I slowly pulled out, leaving only the tip. “You’re going to atone for your sins.”

“Yes, Father Mogar,” She whispered, biting my neck and kissing me. “Let me atone, I beg thee. Grant me absolution.”

Penny’s hands grasped my horns, pulling me deeper into her. Deeper into my unholy, lustful, monstrous urges. She squeezed me tight, pulling and tugging me from every angle.

“Penelope Cutter,” I whispered huskily. “What brings you here today in confession?”

The wooden door creaked in protest of my thrusting.

“I-I-I have sinned.” She struggled. “I have forsaken my chaste vows. I have sought to… to fuck.

As each word slipped from her lips, I felt my head spinning faster and faster. Lost myself in the madness of pleasure and shame.

“And whom… did you fuck?”

“F-father Mogar,” Penny whispered. “I fucked Father Mogar. I began seducing him the moment we met. With every chance, every moment, I seduced him.”

My two strings of concentration snapped, accidentally shoving her even harder into the door.

“Y-you did?” I gasped.

“Yes,” Penelope teased, licking her lips. “Every. Chance. I. Got.”

My hands slipped, and she slowly stood back in front of me. Her curves hugged the lines between beauty and the perverse. She was Heaven and damnation in a single emerald form. Her eyes glowed like the sun, hypnotizing me.

“Turn around,” I said simply. “Turn and lean yourself against the frame.”

Obediently, she turned, pushing her plump ass against my throbbing erection. Daring to rub herself against me as I shook, enraged. My fall into sin was my own. I let it happen. But she still pulled me down with her.

“Repent, Sister Penelope.” I said, slowly reinserting myself, trying not to lose my breath. “Feel the f-fuck, r-remorse for your actions.”

She pushed the last few inches in herself, arching her back.

“Ah! I cannot, Father Mogar,” She whined. “I’m… I’m not sorry.”


A shrill screech rattled from her voice as her ass cheek stung by my hand. Snaking up her leg, my tail coiled around her thigh, grazing her clit.

“Repent.” I said simply.


“Ahh! N-no.” She defied.

“You will repent,” I warned. Smack! “Or you will break.”

Smack! With every thrust. Smack! With every defiant spasm. Smack! I punished the sinful orc. Smack! I tortured her with the very pleasure she corrupted me. Smack! Her pussy was dripping, and her back bristled as she melted into my hands.

“Harder, Mogar!” She begged.

I should’ve slowed down. Teased her. Toyed with her the way she toyed with my vows. But I couldn’t bear it. I delved into the beastly rage inside me, demanding release. The walls shook, and the wood threatened to splinter. Her face pushed against the lattice window as I fucked her.

“Repent!” I shouted. Smack! “Repent, you sinful, succubus whore!”

“I’m sorry!” She screamed, squeezing tighter and tighter. “I’m sorry Father! I just wanted you to fuck me. I needed you!”

“You needed a man of the cloth to defile you?” I asked, rubbing her clit as I slammed into her, threatening the integrity of the door.

“No,” She whispered breathlessly. “You. I needed you.”

Leaning over, I bit her ear and grabbed her by the throat. My movements were still the ragged thrusts of a cornered animal. Desperately clinging to the last restraint in me.

“And now you got what you wanted.” I growled, my demonic timber returning. “I’m going to fuck you. Use you. Defile you. In God’s name, I’m going to fuck you, Penny.”

“Please!” She gasped, her breaths strained against my fingers. “Cum inside me, Father! Please…”

The heat became unbearable. In the hallowed grounds of the church, it was as if I’d returned to the hellish planes. A heat inside me, ready to explode like the sins of a thousand lifetimes.

“Penny,” I gasped.


My hand slid from her throat to her cheek as I felt her desperately clinging to whatever parts of me she could. She squeezed me, spasming and screaming as I roared out in pleasure. The final sin, and final temptation, completed.

“Forgive me, Lord.” I whispered, cradling Penny on the ground as we collapsed.

Three days later.

It was a brisk winter morning. The church in Eversham was but an hour away. They greeted me with reverence and kindness. The service was beautiful. I waited until almost everyone had left to speak with the priest.

“Father Mogar,” He asked, walking out of the confession booth. “May I help you?”

I smiled wryly, clasping his shoulder.

“Yes,” I said, feeling the Light inside me. “Would you mind heading back in? I… need to be on the other side of the booth for a moment.”

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