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A Bewitching Curvy Witch

I love my girlfriend, Belladonna, really I do. She’s sweet as can be, the most fun person to be around, and my best friend in the whole world. She’s also hot enough to melt diamonds with a body that could corrupt the most celibate soul.

“Ohh, baby!” She moans into my ear while riding on top—her massive breasts bouncing up and down in my face. “Keep going! I’m so close! I’m gonna cum all over your perfect cock!”

Belladonna also happens to be a witch. And a powerful one at that. In fact, I first met her while on a mission clearing out a cult in the mountains four years ago. She’d beaten my team and me to the punch, saving the village children.

“Cum inside me, Darling! Flood my womb with your cum! Breed me like a needy little slut.”

There’s only one problem. Well, problem isn’t the right word. Challenge might be more appropriate. Belladonna's absolutely insatiable.

“YES! MORE! GO FOR TEN! I WANT TEN FAT LOADS IN ME BABY!” She screams at the top of her lungs, causing the room to shake.

We’ve been having sex for the past three hours. Missionary, Doggystyle, Standing, Lotus, Ta’ladniri, and Cowgirl as of the last while. I still remember finding out how high her libido was after our first date.

“Muah!” She gives a big kiss to me as my balls empty inside of her, further coating her walls. “Oh Darling, I love the way your creampies feel. I’m gonna cast another spell to refill you.”

It was a relief she’d switched to spells because when we first started being intimate. (Which was 32 minutes after the meeting.) She originally used potions. I could still remember the acrid taste of her stamina potions mixed with the wet smells of the cave. The children and my teammates teleported to safety while we banged in the Cult Leader’s master bed.

“I love you so much, Bell.” I grunt as I get hard the moment I finish cumming. “I can’t pull out of you no matter what.”

Bell’s eyes have her signature mischievous glint as she holds my face, chanting a rejuvenation spell. My tired and aching muscles have been begging for a break, which to Bell meant her on top. In reality, it means I need healing, some water, and a chance to catch my breath. But when Bell gets like this, there’s no stopping her. I have no intention of stopping her either.

Even if she kills me, she’ll just revive me before my soul escapes the body. It’s only happened once. ...Or twice. I think.

“I really can’t pull out,” I say, leaning upwards as her spell relaxes my muscles and breathes new life into them. “It’s like there’s a barrier.”

As I lift myself to chest level with her, Bell leans down and kisses me on the lips, pressing her tongue into my mouth. She’s always been a dominant type of kisser.

“There is baby,” She purrs, clenching the muscles in her pussy. “I can’t help it, but I can’t let you pull out.” Belladonna starts to ride me hard, pulling herself almost completely out before slamming back down. “I need you, Darling.” She whispers, still holding me by my chin.

Bella uses the magic barrier she’s created to lift her ass as high as possible. With the spell she physically pulls me up a few inches with my head still buried in her wet, cum covered, spasming pussy. With a single motion, she slams herself and me back down into the bed, reaching deeper and deeper.

The fact I haven’t passed out to the endless high-intensity fucking is a testament. A testament to my training, her magic spells, and whatever horny gods there were granting me a life like this.

Over and over, Bella holds my face up to hers, riding me with a combination of speed and force that should be impossible. But my Bell found a way. She always finds a way. Strange as it sounds, it’s one of my favorite things about her. Her determination.

“I love you,” She moans, looking me straight in the eyes. “I love you so much. Never leave my side!”

I run my hands through her long purple and black locks, pulling her in for a soft and sweet kiss. Despite her manic sex drive, I still wanted to be soft with her. To be sweet. I wanted to make love even when we were fucking.

“Ahhh,” She whispers as I get up to face level. “Darling...”

“I love you Belladonna,” I say, pushing my body into hers, wrapping my arms around her. “I’m never going anywhere.”

Lifting her up in my arms, I push Belladonna down onto the bed, lifting her legs up in the air above my shoulders. As I press my sweet witch into the bed, I think again of the first time I told her I loved her. I was thrusting into her as hard as I possibly could, just like right now.

Belladonna was actually wearing clothes that night. It was a pair of black lingerie ripped to the side. She’d tested an energy potion on me. My mind went a million miles an hour, I had only her on my mind, and my heart raced faster than lightning. It was the most exhilarating, intense, and animalistic sex we’d ever had.

She had the same look on her face she does now. Her eyes were barely visible, face flushed beet-red, and a special smile that pierced right to my soul. It was the kind of look that changed my life forever. That made me realize she was the one for me. Forever.

“I love you Belladonna,” I say desperately in love. Her face was just like the first time. “I wanna be with you forever.”

“Darling!” She says, laying back in ecstasy, orgasming against my cock thrusting in and out, over and over. “Forever isn’t enough.”

I lean down, thrusting harder and harder. Pouring every last bit of love, adulation, and affection I have into this. She wants me to fuck her like my life depends on it, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to fuck my little nympho-witch the way she wants any time and every time.

“Cum.” She says, her eyes glowing white as she casts a spell. “Cum for me darling. Release every last bit of yourself in me.”

I can feel her working her magic again. The way her mana courses through my body, ready to explode at every end. It’s a power beyond power. Power to make me feel like I could fight a god. But that’s not what I want to do.

“Belladonna Marie Thouliswyn,” I say huskily, cupping her in my hand. “Will you marry me? Will you give me a happiness that goes on forever?”

I keep thrusting into Belladonna, over and over as her eyes grow wide. Tears streaming down her face, Bella nodes her head, hugging me tightly. Her tight pussy squelching out cum as I feel her squirt and her body vibrate violently.

“Yes,” She says, sobbing as we break our kiss. “Yes, a million yeses, and a million more. Cum darling! Cum inside me and make me pregnant. Give me your child. Your children. All of them, I want to be the mother of your children. Cum in me and be a father with me!”

As she tells me she’ll marry me, I lose myself entirely, I climax in Belladonna. Her belly swelled in the flood of cum from me. With a final thrust, I bury myself as deep as possible, violently orgasming. We both scream out, a final climactic explosion of pleasure.

“Bella!” I scream out, impregnating her with every last ounce of energy.

We stopped after that, totally wiped out. My cum flowed out of Bella as I held her, holding her head to my chest. I’d hoped to propose for almost a year now. And for some reason, this just felt like the best time. I had the ring picked out and everything, pulling out of a special pouch I kept nearby at all times.

“Bella,” I say, bringing out the pink diamond ring and placing it on her finger. “I’m so happy. I’ll love you forever.”

Belladonna smiles, sniffling as she looks at the diamond, recognizing it from the cave we’d first met in. The diamond twinkles in the low candlelight, sparkling on her finger.

“Me too, Darling. I love you so much.”

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