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Penny and the Werewolf

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There were three bandits up ahead. They were lying in wait to ambush the cart. I told Anders to wait for me as I scouted up ahead. I approached myself in the branches of a weathered oak. All three had painted their faces to match the green foliage in which they hid. Humans were clever, but they were not clever enough. Not for this orc.

"Where's the damn cart?" One of them hissed thirty yards out.

The other two signaled for him to be quiet. I took a deep breath, and I pulled back the string of my bow. I was utterly invisible in the leaves of the tree. My dark emerald skin matched it perfectly. I was but a collection of leaves swaying in the breeze for all they knew. They continued to signal each other, oblivious to my presence.

As Anders and the cards continued forward, I saw them focus on its approach. Hunger glistened in their eyes as they pulled out their weapons. One with a longsword, another with a bow. The one who'd been giving silent orders pulled out a magic wand. I licked one of my tusks and grinned as I notched an arrow.

Always kill the mage first.


The arrow pierced through the air in silence, shooting the gap between a pair of branches. In the blink of an eye, it pierced the mage's skull, who silently fell to the ground without but a whimper. The other two were too enraptured with their greed to notice that their teammate had fallen. I breathed in the cool autumn air, notching another arrow.

"Let's go, already!"

Shhk! Shhk!

The Archer was the second to fall to my handiwork. As he aimed for the carriage driver, I pierced him in the heart with two shots. The second one pinned him to the tree he had been perched on. It made a slight knock, ringing through the air. The swordsman's ears perked up, and he looked around.

"Guys?" The swordsman whispered out. "Guys, where the fuck are—"


Three bandits. Four shots. Four hits. Three kills.

Scouting further ahead, I confirmed that there were no more Bandits. Just a couple of thugs and thieves who thought they would make it rich off of the back of my employer. I returned with all four arrows, walking up to the carriage.

"It's safe now Anders," I assured him, using my soothing voice. "You can come out."

A tuft of short black hair popped out the window of the carriage. Looking around, my employer, Anders, nervously looked back and forth. His thin face frowned as he inspected each branch of the forest. I took my seat in the carriage across from him, laying my bow beside me. The carriage passed by my handiwork, forcing Anders to take a few haggard breaths.

"Thank you, Penny," He gulped. "I would have been a goner for sure."

I smiled and patted his head.

"Oh, I'm sure you could have taken them." I teased. "You just like paying to keep such pretty company around."

The young aristocrat's face burned bright red as my words melted him. He was fun to tease, and it was one of the few times I saw worry and fear Melt from his face. Anders had been hiring me more and more often lately. This most recent job was a simple escort mission across the forest. Something he could have easily hired one of his servants for. Instead, he paid my ever exorbitant rate.

The tower of his small keep peaked above the horizon as we made it to his home. "Would you like to stay for dinner, Penny?"

Before I could politely decline, my stomach gurgled in protestation. With a small smile, I acquiesced to Anders' request. Who could say no to a feast from a king? Well, a duke. But you get the idea.

The meal was an affair made for royalty, sitting at a long ornate table in the grand hall. Whatever paltry dishes we had been served on Anders' diplomatic mission paled compared to what he had prepared for me. His servants had cooked all of my favorite meals, including a scrumptious assortment of pork buns made the traditional orc way.

"Anders!" I exclaimed, feeling the hot and juicy broth explode from the pork bun. "Everything is delicious! I haven't had a meal this good in... I don't think I ever have had a meal this good!"

Anders sipped his tea and nodded. "Excellent."

After dinner, we decided to walk through his garden. Most were tulips or roses. But as we walked further along, I was surprised to see an extensive collection of red and yellow flowers, like sunflowers with the red ring of a summer's eve sun. The row closest to the castle had been replaced with Gallardias, otherwise known as the Blanket Flower. Or Goblin flowers.

"Anders," I whispered. "Did you plant these?"

Anders smiled. " You told me that they were your favorite flower. When I finally found them, I wanted to ensure that they would be the first thing you ever saw when looking out the window here."

Anders stopped, coughing into a handkerchief. He wheezed and struggled with his condition for a moment while I held his hand for support. We walked into one of the foyers, as I helped him up the steps.

"Apologies, Miss Penelope. But, I am glad the evening has been to your liking. I wanted to thank you properly for all of your work for myself and my people."

"Stop," I laughed, helping Anders walk back into the keep. "I'm merely a soldier of fortune. A mercenary at your discretion."

Anders looked at me funny, "You don't truly believe that do you, Penelope?"


Anders stopped, grasping my hand gently. "Penelope, you are a godsend to my people. A warrior yes, but a friend and precious person first! You have saved my people from bandits, cured us of plagues, and championed my kingdom when others would rather see us wither away into nothing!"

I was aghast at his words, which he continued.

"Penelope, from the day we met, from day I laid eyes on you, I knew my prayers had been answered." He urged. "You are what dreams dream of, what songs hope to sing!"

He squeezed my hands, and his cold, gaunt face became fuller and returned in color. His piercing blue eyes filled with ferocity and vigor. My heart skipped and fluttered, hearing him say these words.

"You're too kind, Anders." I said, trying to brush off his words. "But only a fool would speak of an orc that way in the land of humans."

Anders scowled and let out an angry noise. "Blast them all, then! If I am a fool, then let me be a fool in love!"

I took a step back, my heart skipping and flipping.


Shock and realization painted Anders' face. He squeezed his fist and contorted himself, thinking of what to say. With an exasperated sigh, he snapped his fingers and... I heard music begin to play. He stiffened up and straightened his coat. He walked up to me, standing just below eye level with me.

"Yes, Penelope. Love. From the day I knew you, I loved you. And every day, every moment I love you more. Your strength unmatched. Your kindess, also.”

He brushed a curl of hair from my face, burning bright red from his words.

“Beauty the likes of which I could not imagine...Some pity me and call me a fool." He took my hand, cupping his other by my waist as an ethereal waltz began to play. Its sweet notes filled the air as the moon drifted out. "And so be it, Penny. They can have pity; it's you alone whom I adore."

We ebbed and flowed with the ghostly waltz, riding the rhythm like petals in the breeze. For all my dexterity and all my traipsing from branch to branch, I could not dance to save my life. I looked down, trying not to break his feet with my own as we stepped. Anders, meanwhile, waltzed with grace and led the way.

"I wish I were a stronger man, Penny." He said softly. "I wish I was braver, still. To have not waited so long."

My throat ran dry as I couldn't keep up with him. Truth be known, I always knew of and secretly reciprocated the Duke of Wellinshire's affection. But to hear him speak such words?

"Anders, I don't know what to say."

His hand left mine, gently caressing my face as he led me in dance. "Say nothing if you choose, Penny. Leave if you must. But know you will always be welcome in my home. And always own this fool's heart."

"Anders..." I whispered as I felt the moonlight dance through the stained glass.

We stopped in the middle of the hall, and he leaned up, kissing me. His soft lips pressed against mine as I tried to stop from piercing him with my tusks. With surprising strength, he pulled me closer, holding me tight. Our waltz became a simple sway, too and fro. His lips against mine, our breaths intertwined.

"Penny, my love." He gasped, breaking our seal. "I love you."

"I love you too, Anders."


I was in Anders' bedroom, where he was undressing me. And I, him. We kissed, desperate for another as our clothes ripped and tore. Unable to sate my lust, I picked him up, carrying him. First, the table where I ripped off his shirt. Then he pushed me against the wardrobe as he snapped my bodice.

"Penny," he growled, dark shadows cast across his face. "You know of my condition."

I pulled him back in, feeling his against my neck as I ground myself against him.

"Anders, you don't scare me." I whispered, feeling him push me harder against the wardrobe. "I can take you however you like."

I felt his grip tighten around my waist and his hands began to grow. A sharp prickle against my bare skin as his nails became sharp. When I looked him back in the eye, they were no longer blue but a haunting, glowing, yellow. Before I could react, he picked me up, throwing me into the bed. Its silken sheets crumpled beneath me as I landed.

As soon as I hit the bed, I felt his hands run up against my thighs, removing my panties. I let out a sigh of excitement as his hands moved upwards. He was slow and methodical. Tracing and looping his hands from my knee upwards. Gripping and relaxing as he moved.

"Penny," He whispered. "Will you be mine? Will you dance a thousand dances? Will you dream a thousand dreams with me?"

As his hands grew closer, he kissed my inner thighs. I felt him trace his tongue upwards in the same pattern as his hands just had. I felt him run his hands over my abdomen as he did.

"Please tell me you will," He begged, his tongue drawing precipitously close. "I beg you."

"I will," I finally muttered, gripping his head with both hands. "Give it to me, Anders. I beg you."

"As you wish."

At my word, he wrapped his arms around my legs, kissing all around my slit. His warm breath against me sent a shiver up my spine. My breath grew haggard as the heat in me rose. He teased and toyed with me, dancing around my clit with his tongue.

I wiggled my hips, squirming in his grasp. Right as I was about to moan for him to just fucking do it, he dragged his tongue against it.

"Ahhh!" I squealed out, feeling a bolt of lighting zap my brain. "Anders!"

His grip tightened, growing stronger, and his hands rougher. His tongue coiled against me, greedily licking me, over and over. Anders whispered my name in muffled breaths as he continued to lick and kiss me, nudging me closer and closer to the edge. My legs began to squeeze him, begging for more as he pressed harder against me. My core vibrated as Anders continued, my mind washing over in pleasure.

But right as I was about to cum, I heard the ripping of fabric and muffled groans of Anders. He let go of me and began backing away, holding his head in pain. He let out a howl of pain as he screamed out to the moon. Standing in sharp relief of the window, his form began to change. He grew in all directions, his face becoming primal and lupine. The few remnants of his clothes shredded away as he grew several feet taller.

"Anders?" I whispered, having never seen him transform in person.

Anders had turned into a hulking brute of a monster. Covered in thick black and blue fur with eyes glowing like the yellow harvest moon. His fingers to claws, his sickly frame to bulging, tight muscle. He stood there, heaving and staring at me with his claws out. I felt my heart threaten to give out in perverse excitement.

"Penny," He growled, his voice the same but several octaves deeper and vibrating in my core. "I wish to continue."

He slowly walked over, the shadows casting upwards against his werewolf form. I was desperately close and didn't care what he did; I needed relief. I just needed him.

Rather than speak, I simply spread myself, giving him a full view of the mess he'd made. His eyes flicked from my mine to my fingers, spreading myself wide.

It was then that I finally noticed his final transformation. His cock had also changed into a long, hard, and red beast of its own, with two large knots of muscle near its base. Kneeling down, he grasped his throbbing erection, pushing it up to my soaking wet pussy. I felt the heat emanate from him, setting my lust ablaze.

With a pensive look, he placed one hand on the bed. Our eyes met as he began to push.

"Are you sure?"

I reached up, feeling the soft fur on his face. His beastly appearance had not changed the gentle soul beneath. Rather than speak, I assisted him, pushing my legs against his backside. With a shuddered groan, he slowly pressed inside. I felt myself widen, struggling to take his girth. I gripped the sheets holding tight as he slowly continued. He kept going as that pleasurable wave continued washing over me.

"Oh fuck, Anders." I squealed. "

He was gentle despite his beastliness. I could feel his hunger and smell the pheromones of his monstrous musk. His heavy breath matched with mine as I shaped to his cock. After several minutes, I slowly became used to his monstrous size as he slowly continued going in and out. I felt my mind slip into a fog as he began to increase his pace. Each stroke a little longer, each thrust a little harder.

My hands explored his massive frame, feeling the granite muscle beneath his tufts. His haggard breaths and lustful moans filled my mind as I couldn't control myself. Mustering all my strength, I pulled him down to me, shoving every last inch up to his thick knot inside of me.

"Penny!" He howled in pleasure and worry.

I let out a scream of pleasure, his body pressed against me and his cock deeper than ever. I spasmed and tightened, feeling him throb inside me, begging for release.

"Fuck me, Anders." I growled, pulling at his jowls. "Fuck me like a beast would. Love me like a lover."

His eyes changed to slits as my words penetrated his mind. He growled and licked his lips, his hands gripping my shoulders.

"I'm not afraid of you, Anders." I challenged him. My hair was strewn about my face. "You won't hurt me."

"I might." He grunted, beginning to thrust again.

"I dare you."

I felt a pinch against my armpit as his nails dug into my skin. "So be it."

He started pounding me like never before, the bed creaking and groaning against our weight and the power of his thrusts. They both threw caution to the wind, our voices carrying farther and louder.

No doubt the Halls echoed with our voices as he pounded into me. He went as deep as possible with every thrust before pulling out to the tip.

"Anders, you beast." I squealed, feeling his shaft throb against me.

His breath shuddered, and I felt him throb, begging for release. He refused to stop, though, continuing on and on. As he whimpered, I realized what he was doing.

"Cum with me Anders," I whispered huskily. "I'm close."

I wrapped my arms around him, squeezing as hard as I could, trying to make him cum. His tongue wrapped against my neck as his teeth nibbled at my nape. His breathing against me, his musk penetrating my nose. I was a slave to our lust, riding a knife's edge of pleasure.

"Penny," He groaned. "I love you!"

"Anders," I whimpered, feeling him ready to explode. "I love you t—"

"Graraaarrgg!" He howled out, shoving the last bit of his knotted cock inside me.

With that final thrust, I felt my whole body exploding. Every nerve, every fiber of my being vibrating and screaming in pleasure. I shook, squeezing and squirting against his cock, feeling Anders' seed release into me. My stomach bulged, swelling from his size and his cum. But despite his climax, I felt him thrust deeper, unable to pull out thanks to his welted muscles.

He continued thrusting, digging deeper into me, his grip scratching my back. The intensity of the orgasm robbed me of my voice, hearing, and vision. Squeezing my legs, I begged him to stay, continuing to pump more of his seed inside me.

Time froze, and the world melted, the only light coming from his bright yellow eyes. His hunger sated, Ander's soft, expressive look returned.

"Forever, Penny."

I tried to whisper, unable to use my vocal cords.

"Forever, Anders."

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