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Single, Hungry, Fertile

PART 1 “Fuckin… asshole.” Mari moaned as her ex-boyfriend stomped out of the room. Despite their messy breakup, he’d promised to help her with something. Something… important. Mari continued moaning as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her legs were up in the air, and she was completely naked, save for a black choker and a red ruby buttplug.

“Fuck you, Samuel….” She whispered as her front door slammed in the distance. “Prick…”

Mari’s whole body was shivering as she began to masturbate, rubbing herself while she imagined getting what she wanted.

“Why’d you even propose?” Mari’s eyes betrayed a single tear as she ached. No matter how much she’d masturbated, it couldn’t fill the void in her. “I need to be bred.” Mari growled to herself.

Looking in the mirror, she saw her long red curls were everywhere as if she’d just run a mile. Her breasts heaved up and down, begging to be touched, grabbed, and groped. She twisted one of her nipples, hoping for the painful sting of pleasure to help take off the edge. Unfortunately, nothing could replace what she needed.

After finishing the most unsatisfactory session of her life, Mari took a cold shower and got in her pajamas. It was late, and she had to go to work tomorrow. As the late-night passed with a snail’s pace, she waited for Samuel to return. She’d hoped that he would have a long walk, come home, and they could talk things over. Try again.

The clock on Mari’s phone read 3:12 when she noticed how the bed was much too large for only herself. Foolishly checking for a text message she’d never receive, Mari felt the pit in her stomach grow deeper and deeper.

“We were supposed to have a baby, Samuel.” She sniffed, feeling the empty space his part of the bed occupied. “It was our time. I can’t wait much longer….”

Mari drifted off to a night of restless sleep, feeling herself ache for a satisfaction she knew would never come.

Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt.


Bzzzt. Bzzzzt. Bzzzzzzzt.


Bzt. Bzt. Bzt. Bzt. Bzt. Bzt. Bzt.

“Alright!” Mari said, slapping her hand on the snooze button. Somehow, it still didn’t turn off the buzzing noise on her nightstand. “Sam, please wake me up in fi-”

Mari bolted up, looking to her left. Samuel’s spot was left exactly the way it was the night before. With a heavy sigh, she looked at the alarm, reading “7:45.” Shit. She was already late.

Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Looking down, she saw her phone buzzing with a dozen missed calls from the CFO, Luanne.

“Not in the mood.” She sighed, clicking the reject call option and hopping in the shower. “Figure it out on your own Luanne, I don’t wanna hear it. I own the fucking company.”

Mari took her time getting ready, making sure not to check her phone, Twitter, or any socials. With the way last night went, she needed space. The rest of the world could wait until brunch. Finishing her make up and indulging in a breakfast pizza, Mari finally pulled it out of the ditch and decided to head to work.

“Looking good,” She said with a sad smile. Mari couldn’t help but admire herself for a moment. Powersuit on point, eyes smokey, and tits perky. “Let’s see if we’re feeling good.”

Walking out of her apartment, she met with Lars in the lobby.

“Hi Miss Mari.” He said with a salute before ushering her to her car. “Late start to the day. Everything ok?”

Mari grimaced and got into the back of her Royce Phantom. “Not really, I needed a vacation.”

Lars got in the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition. “But you only took off the morning.”

Looking out the window, Mari didn’t say anything as her phone continued to buzz. Turning it off, she pulled out her clamshell. A phone with only three numbers on it. Her mother, her financial advisor, and Samuel.

“That’s the life I guess. Roll up the window if you don’t mind. I’m making a call.” She said, dialing her phone.

“Yes ma’am.”

The window between them rolled up in silence before fogging up, creating a small cacoon of privacy for Mari. With a shaky breath, she called Samuel.

Ring. Beeeeeeep.


Mari tried calling over and over, getting a single ring and a disconnection. The pit in her stomach was like a black hole as she realized what Samuel’d done. Suddenly hyper-aware of her ringing phone, Mari snatched it and answered the phone, not caring who was on the other side.

“What the fuck is going on?” Mari demanded as she answered.

“Mari, what’s going on!?” It was the panicked voice of her assistant Tiffany. “The news say that you and Sam broke up!”


Oh fuck. Oh fuck fuck fuck fucking… fuck. Mari’s hearing slowly faded, turning into white noise. The next few hours became a blur. The car ride. Tiffany’s tearful recounting of Samuel’s public announcement. The deathly stares of her employees. By the time Mari snapped out of her fog, she was in her office. The night skyline of Louisville greeted her return to the world.

“What the fuck, Sam.” Mari sighed, looking at her phone.

Scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit was a total nightmare. Thousands of articles and posts about her and Sam. All reading more or less the same thing. “Star Wide Receiver Announces Split with BioTech CEO on eve of contract signing, sighting ‘difference in goals’.”

“Could’ve just said he wanted to split.” Mari sighed, looking at her mountain of paperwork. “Or that he didn’t want kids! I told him I was taking our new product because I was ready.”

“Are you ready?” Came a familiar voice on her office T.V. screen. “For Lifixate, the newest evolution in fertility treatments.”

Mari turned off the T.V. and felt the patch on her arm. She’d secretly been the first to order her company’s extremely new and expensive fertility patch. The past three weeks were the “ramp up” stage, and she’d felt the side effects.

Hormones ramped up to twelve, hypersensitivity when aroused, and one single thought permeating her mind. Have babies. Before taking the patch, she and Samuel talked and went over everything. He seemed so excited to have a child with her that he was the one who put down the initial payment for it.

She hoped to drive the cost down by Q3 because right now, it was draining a cool $1,000 a month after insurance. Her company wasn’t even making a decent margin at that price, but she knew this could be the savior for the world’s declining birth rates.

After she got pregnant, of course. It wasn’t due for release for another six weeks, and she was hoping she and Samuel could have made their announcement after the wedding. Oh right. The wedding. Mari was so breeding-crazy she’d totally forgotten the wedding in two weeks was canceled too.

“Fuck it, I guess.” She said, peeling off her last stage one patch. “Should get back to normal in about a week.” As she pulled off the patch, she felt her lower region tingle in excitement. Even the slightest touch, pull, or scratch was enough to set her body on fire. Squeezing her legs, she felt her thong ride up, and she hoped she might get a quick session in before heading home.

The faint sound of clicking heels came towards her. “Oh, Ms. Mari!” It was Tiffany, holding a stack of papers. “I’m really sorry, but I need to bring you these forms. It’s from Pencil-Dick’s lawyers.”

Mari couldn’t believe that Samuel would already send the hounds to cut her off. Or was he trying to take a bit of the pie for himself? She made enough to buy the Monarch’s franchise and ship his ass off to Anchorage.

“You’re kidding.” Mari said with a look, abandoning the hope of an office session. “How’d he get all these sent so quickly?”

A new voice piped up behind Tiffany. “Probably been planning this ma’am.”

Craning her neck around the stack of papers, Mari saw the source. It was a younger guy. Early twenties, maybe five or so years younger than her. He had a tussle of curly brown hair and a large pair of square glasses. He looked like the spitting image of her assistant Tiffany, just male. And… shorter.

“Cut the ma’am shit, I’m 28.” Mari said, looking at Tiffany. “Who is he?”

Tiffany gave him an annoyed look before trying to charm Mari with her megawatt smile. A smile that Mari was already cutting through.

“He’s my uh… little brother, Walker. You said he could get an, uh, an internship with you.”

Mari looked back at Walker. He was about as stereotypical nerd as it got. Graphic t-shirt, skinny frame, coke-bottle glasses, and staring at Mari’s ample chest. Smirking, Mari coughed to grab his attention. Tiffany hadn’t noticed, but Walker blushed deeply before bowing his head.

“When’s he supposed to start?”

“Next Monday Ma- I mean Miss Mari.” Walker said, his voice cracking. “But T-Tiffany said she needed help so I gra-grabbed an Uber.”

Before Mari could say anything, she was suddenly struck by something. This Walker smelled… fantastic. He smelled smokey, woody… and extremely sexy. The tingling sensation was replaced with a ravenous desire she’d known only when with the throes of passion with Samuel. Catching her breath, Mari tried to focus.

“That’s uh… great. Good initiative Walker. I suppose he’ll be helping sign all these stupid forms?”

Tiffany’s expression relaxed, and she smiled. “Actually, he was reading through all the documents since this morning and writing down notes for you.”

Mari cocked her head. “This morning?”

“They came in around midnight right as the news broke,” Walker said, already reading through a massive set of forms. “T-that’s when Tiffany called and asked if I could grab an Uber from E-Town.”

Elizabethtown!? That was a solid fifty-mile drive if you didn’t take 65.

“How much did that cost?” Mari asked, pulling out her purse.

Tiffany waved her hands. “Oh, no don’t worry about-”

“It was eighty bucks plus I tipped the guy a forty for driving so long.” Walker said without looking up. “I’ve been working for the past twelve hours including reading on the way here.”

Tiffany gave him a look of utter disdain, which he ignored.

“Sis, that was the last of the cash I had between the cab and a hotel. I need paid.”

“Why can’t he stay with you?” Mari asked Tiffany.

“Becasue her boyfriend hates me.” He answered, circling several key points in his write-up. “And before she tries to say anything, he threatened to kill me if he saw me again.”

Mari smirked as she looked over Walker’s notes while the siblings started fighting. This guy knew what he was worth. Her lawyers would have a field day with Samuel, and she’d be making a clean break despite their pooled finances.

After sending Tiffany off with a thank you and a promise of this Friday off, it was just Mari and Walker left. She couldn’t help but stare at him, feeling her whole body screaming in agony to take him. Pushing that thought to the side for the moment, she helped him put the last files away.

“Let me get those for you,” He said, grabbing the manilla folder in her hands.

His hand brushed against hers for just a moment. But that moment was all she needed, like a bolt of lightning coursed through her whole body. Her nipples tightened, and her pussy trembled on the brink of an instantaneous orgasm.

“Oh fuck!” She screamed, losing her balance and falling to her knees.

Walker dove down to catch her. “Mari!” She felt his hands wrap around her shoulder, helping her back up. The fire in her stomach was raging as she was ready to rip this man’s clothes off and fuck him senselessly over the table.

“I’m fine.” She struggled, pulling out her purse. “I’m good, I’m cool.” She counted out ten one hundred dollar bills and handed them to Walker. As he looked at the money, Walker’s excitement became too much. His face was lit up like a kid on Christmas, and his eyes were like twinkling stars.

Fuck it. Tiffany’s little brother was going to fuck her brains out.

“This should cover it.” She said, eyeing his crotch. “But uh, don’t worry about a hotel.”

Part 3 will edit later.

I sat on the passenger side backseat after Walker held the door open for me and walked over behind Lars. Completely oblivious to my lustful gaze, Walker was too preoccupied with marveling at my vehicle to notice. Parts gave me an inquisitive look before giving the thumbs up. Rolling up the window, I saw the windows tint pitch black, sealing me in alone with Walker.

I sent Lars a text message, informing him to take us somewhere… private. Perhaps the estate

The gentle rolling of the tires started, and Walker sank into the luxury seats. He spread his legs out, and the expression on his face was priceless. So innocent, so excited… so fucking sexy.

“Would you like a glass of champaign?” I asked, sliding my right hand between my thighs. “A celebration of your new job?”

Walker’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah! That’d be sweet!” He looked around, confused for a moment. “Where would it be?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off him as I used my left hand to open the wine cooler behind the middle seat. As I held the glass, he noticed my right hand toying with my aching pussy. I was so fucking wet and ready to rip him out of his seat.

“What, uh… what’re you doing?” Walker asked, blushing a brilliant shade of red.

Oh fuck, I could smell his pheromones now. It was like a hotbox of testosterone and sex. My whole body was writing as I slid my hand in my panties, massaging myself.

I grit my teeth as I started pulling my jacket and shirt off. “I’ve never been this stressed in my life, Walker.” My voice was mixed between a growl and a whimper. “I’ve beenbetrayed by the man I thought loved me. I was supposed to start a family.”

“I-I’m sorry to hear that,” Walker stuttered as I crawled over to his seat. Lars knew the safest and smoothest routes to take for my escapades. Not to mention this car had plenty of room. “But don’t you think you should—”

I cupped his face in my hand, slowly tracing his lip with my thumb. “And I have never been so horny in my fucking life, Walker.”

Walker tried to protest, but I could feel his true feelings welling up in his pants. “I mean, are you sure you want it to be me?” His voice warbled as he tried to make sense of the situation. Every little hitch in his voice just made me want him more and more.

“I do.” I whispered, with my lips centimeters from his. My shirt was unbuttoned, revealing my breasts, and only a pair of stockings and my thong underneath me. “I want you so fucking bad right now Walker. You’ve got the chance of a lifetime, you know that?”

“Y-yeah.” He swallowed. “I do. You’re like, super fucking successful. And wicked smart. And…”

Oh my god, he was so awkward. I was going to ruin him.


I grazed my lips against him, smearing my ruby red lipstick on his lips. That last bit of contact was enough to send us both over the edge. I felt his rock-hard cock ready to pop out of the zipper as he pulled me closer. Oh fuck. I had a delicious idea.

“Wanna make sure you’re good to go?” I asked, “I got something you might wanna try.”

I winked, pulling out a plastic square with my company logo on it. Inside was a red pill we’d designed for maximum stamina and seminal production. This thing could turn a eunuch into a breeding bull. Well… maybe not literally. But pretty damn close.

With an excited nod, I motioned for him to open his mouth. Placing the pill on his tongue, he swallowed as I rocked back and forth. After a moment, I felt him shudder. His breathing changed, and his cock was hard as steel now.

“Holy shit.”

Our bodies crashed into each other as I felt him grab and squeeze at me. He grunted and groaned as I gave back at every bit of hunger he had for me. Every little touch was enough to send me into a spiral of ecstasy, making me cum and cum again.

“What was the last thing you were going to say?” I asked, kissing and nibbling on his neck. “Tell me and I’ll start fucking you.”

I felt him swallow nervously as his heart hammered in his chest. “You’re so fucking hot. I’ve been imagining fucking you since I first saw you.”


“Good boy.”

Springing out of his boxers, Walker’s cock bounced out, slapping between my legs and up to my stomach. I looked down and saw his gigantic erection staring back at me, twitching in anticipation. My heavy breathing only worsened as I imagined it inside me.

“Please, Mari.” Walker whispered, “I’m dying here.”

The car came to a gentle stop, and with both looked out the tinted windows. The lights of a three-story mansion bled through, revealing our destination.

“So that’s it?” Walker asked, hopelessly terrified at the notion.

The doors opened on both sides, and I peered out. Lars had already taken one of the cars to drive himself home. He knew not to ask questions and not to stick around.

“No.” I breathed, grasping his cock. “Follow me and stay close.”

Leading him by his cock, I took Walker through the five-car garage and into the former. The sounds of our feet echoed through the halls while I decided where to start. Looking near the front door, the living room looked like the best place to start.

“Ah,” I said, seeing his nervous glance toward the fireplace. “Don’t worry.”

Above the fireplace were a painting of Samuel in his pads and Monarch’s jersey from the Megabowl game his rookie year. I pondered it for a moment before grabbing a vase. With a mighty heave, the vase flew through the air.


The vase shattered against the painting, knocking it off the wall crashing onto the floor. I felt Walker’s erection grow harder as he looked at me in amazement. He was so turned on right now.

“Get on the couch and get naked.” I demanded, ripping off my shirt and panties. “I’m gonna fuck you with my stockings on. I’m gonna squeeze that dick for all it’s worth.”

As he complied, I mounted back on top of him, sandwiching his cock between my plump ass. I grabbed his face, kissing him over and over again. Dominating him with my tongue while he laid back like a good little fuck toy.

“You’re gonna cum inside me you hear me?” I said, maneuvering his cock into position. “You’re gonna fucking breed me, you understand.” I looked at him with savage hunger. “I don’t give a fuck what happens after that. But you’re gonna cum inside me. Over. And over. And over. You hear me?”

Walker looked at me, his blue eyes shaking as his hands squeezed against my waist. He nodded slowly and compliantly. Licking my lips, I pushed myself down, swallowing his cock whole. We both moaned in pleasure as my pussy gobbled him up with surprising ease. The kind of ease that demands to be taken advantage of.

“Now the real fun starts.”

I started bouncing up and down on his cock with reckless abandon, feeling him spread me wide open, filling me with carnal ecstasy. Bouncing up and down on him, Walker grabbed at my ass hopelessly while I shoved my tits in his face, grabbing the couch board for leverage.

“You like that?” I shouted, feeling my spine tingle as my pussy vibrated against his cock. “You fucking love it don’t you?”

“I do!” Walker moaned, grabbing my ass and squeezing as hard as he could. “I wanna cum so fucking bad!”

“Me too!” I said, grabbing him by the throat. “I want you to cum too. Becuase I’m cumming right now. I’m cumming on your big stupid fucking cock. I wanna feel how it is when you shoot that big fucking load in my you hear?”

He didn’t say anything, and something took over inside me.



For a moment, his face was shocked as his face glowed with the smack I gave him. The next, he grabbed me by the base of my hair and pulled me in. Kissing me and biting at me, Walker gripped my ass and started pumping into me.

“Oh fuck.” I groaned as he locked me in place. “Oh fuuuuck!”

Walker held me in place as he fucked me senseless, sending me into an endless spiral of orgasm. His cock swelled as the words in my mouth became nothing but gibberish. The only things I could get out right were “cum” and “breed me.”

Then, in a glorious explosion, I felt Walker grip me so tight I thought he was going to rip my hair out. Painting the inside of me, Walker let out a geyser of cum into me. By that point, it became too much, and the effects of the patch rendered me into a single-minded sow, bent on breeding.

“We’re not done.” I gasped, grinding my body against him, demanding that he continue as his cum leaked out.

“Yes, Mari.” Walker said breathlessly, still harder than ever.

I came. And came. As he came. And came. We devolved from words and turned into nothing but sounds as we fucked on the couch for hours. Never once did I let him cum outside as my belly began to swell more and more with his hot and thick seed.

My clamshell began to buzz as dawn crested through the windows. I ignored it as Walker continued to fuck me.

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