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Saved by the Orc

Osbern loved orc women. Their blunt attitudes, dry sense of humor, rippling muscles, absolutely mountainous sex drives… They were a match made in heaven for the young adventurer.

Osbern was never thought to be the adventuring type. He was shorter than most human men, and he wasn’t particularly skilled with his sword and shield. But he did make for great company and loved being around others. Especially when he found himself ambushed during the night at camp.

“You there,” Came the loud barking of a woman’s voice. Osbern bolted up, grabbing for his sword. “Get out of your tent and put down that little toothpick.”

Osbern kept his sword at his side and poked his head through the tent. As he did, he got a face full of massive green breasts. Startled, he jumped back but was picked up by a massive fist with long black nails.

“I said to drop the sword.” The green woman growled. Osbern looked up and saw a small set of tusks protruding out the bottom of her full, purple lips. “You aren’t good at taking directions.”

Dropping Osbern, he quickly covered his instant erection. This orc woman was positively gorgeous. Her face was heart-shaped with tattoos running up and down a well-worked body, covered only in a few rips of leather and wool.

“W-what are you doing here?” Osbern stammered, trying not to get distracted by her looks.

“It’s not safe here,” The orc growled. “You should come to my camp.”

“Not safe?”

The woman gestured with her head behind her, and he saw a series of dead bandits.

“There’ll be more, so you should come to my farm. It’s close by but bandits know not to come near.”

Shaking his head vigorously, Osbern quickly grabbed the single stakeholding his lean-to out of the ground and rolled up his bedroll. While he did so, he could feel the orc’s gaze on him. As they walked through the night-lit road, Osbern couldn’t help but stare at her. She was absolutely stunning.

Her long black hair fell in sheets near her waist, and her exposed stomach revealed chiseled abdominals and obliques. Her arms were thick and muscular, and her chest was as big as her head. The woman looked back at him blankly, catching him staring.

“See something you like?” She asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Beg your pardon ma’am,” Osbern said, unable to take his eyes off her.

She laughed, showing a toothy grin. “It’s Norla Feather-Cutter. You?”

“Os-Osbern, just Osbern.”

Neither said much for the remainder of the walk, but Osbern noticed that she was staring at him as well. Specifically, she was staring at his crotch. Even in the relatively damp weather here, he could smell the pheromones on her, and they both began to walk closer together.

“That’s my farm up ahead,” She said quietly, holding his shoulder as they walked. “I don’t get much company often...”

“Really?” Osbern said, feeling her hand slip into his shirt. “That’s a shame.”

As he felt her hand on his chest, Osbern got a terrible idea. An awful, dangerous, woeful idea.

He took his left hand and placed it on the small of her back before running it down as they walked. He brushed his hand on her left buttock, giving it a squeeze. She stopped walking and looked at him. Norla’s hand stayed on his chest as her red eyes pierced his own.

“I’ve been very lonely,” She whispered, pushing her butt into his hand. “Very… VERY lonely.”

Osbern’s heart raced inside his chest. “We should change that.”

In the blink of an eye, Osbern felt himself being thrown onto Norla’s large bed. He was already stark naked as the orc woman climbed on top of him, wrapping her arms around him.

“I’m going to fuck you Osbern,” She growled, kissing him and shoving her tongue into him. “I’m going to squeeze your cock dry this evening.”

Osbern reciprocated the rough play by grabbing each of her breasts and pinching her right nipple. Norla let out a vicious growl before laughing beginning to moan. Osbern felt her large hand wrap around his neck as she gently squeezed. Osbern continued to grab and squeeze at Norla as well, managing to grab her hair.

“Get down here,” He grunted, pulling Norla back onto him. “You want a fucking fight?”

The two of them wrestled each other as Norla stayed on top 90% of the time during their rough foreplay, grinding her pussy on Osbern’s cock.

“You may not be tall, but you are a large man,” She said, feeling his cock beg to enter her. “I will enjoy breaking you, Osbern.”

Before she could do anything, however, Osbern’s eyes began to glow bright white. In a flash of brilliant green light, Norla felt her arms extend and tighten. As too did her legs. She felt her whole body move against her will until she was on all fours, trapped on the bed.

Osbern laughed as he calmly got up and stood up behind Norla’s exposed pussy. She saw now that phantom ropes had materialized out of thin air, trapping her in doggy-position. The fact this scrawny human did this to her was extremely arousing.

“A proper fight!” Norla shouted in ecstasy. “Don’t think this is the end.”



Osbern smacked Norla so hard he left a bright red print on her right ass cheek. Droplets fell from her glistening pussy as she strained to widen herself for him.

“Oh you fucking tease!” Norla said. “Just put it in! Fuck me!”

Osbern grabbed her hip with one hand and positioned himself with the other. His girthy member split her lips apart as he pushed into her, slowly and with ease.

“Ahhhhhh….” She cooed, feeling her right leg tremble as his cock continued to go deeper and deeper with ease. “You… can’t keep this spell up forever.”


Osbern delivered another smack, right on top of the already red mark. Norla cried out in pleasure as he grabbed her with both hands, pushing the last bit into her.

“YES!” Norla screamed out.

Osbern started to push in and out of her, going faster and faster. He watched in delight as his restraints kept her in place. Faster and faster, he fucked her, opening her pussy up to greedily accept his cock.

“Norla, you feel amazing.” He said huskily, grabbing at one of her massive breasts. “I don’t know how long I can last.”

“I don’t care!” Norla grunted, feeling her body vibrate at every point. “I want it! I want you to cum! I’m close Osbern! Grab my hair and cum inside me!”

Osbern let out a ragged breath and grabbed a bundle of her hair at the root. Pulling her head back, he felt Norla tighten as she screamed out in pleasure.

“More! More! Fucking do it!” Shouted Norla as she slammed her ass back into Osbern’s crotch. “I need your valiant seed!”

Osbern kept his hand firmly in place with a fistful of her hair as he began smacking her but repeatedly. Continuously fucking her, Osbern began to let out his shouts of pleasure as he felt something well up inside of him.

“I’m gonna fucking cum,” He said, smacking her ass, leaving print after print. “Holy fuck.”


Shaking at his own hips, Osbern grabbed onto her ass as hard as he could, thrusting deeper than before. With a few last mighty thrusts, Osbern let out a scream like a warrior’s cry.


Osbern exploded into her as he lost concentration on his magic. Norla fell flat onto the bed as Osbern shoved himself deep into her. Norla bit down onto her bedsheets, screaming in pleasure as Osberns cum sent her over the edge.

Osbern gave a few more thrusts into the now prone Norla, making sure to cum as deep as possible. Norla’s pussy spasmed uncontrollably, tightening around his cock, making it impossible to pull out. Her whole body shook and convulsed as Norla came, squirting all over Osbern’s cock.

“Osbern….” She moaned. “I’ve never cum that hard in my life.”

Osbern collapsed onto her back, still inside her. Breathing raggedly, he wrapped his arms around her as best he could.

“You’re amazing Norla.” He moaned, feeling himself become hard again.

Norla also noticed as well and let out a ragged laugh.

“You aren’t even close to done, are you?” She said, popping her neck muscles.

“Hah… Nope.” Osbern laughed, knowing full well he was out of mana.

“Good. Because it’s my turn little man.”

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