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My Succubus Roommate


As the sky opened up, I saw the heavens look down upon me. But they did not smile. Nor did they frown. Not a furrowed brow or hate-filled scowl, nay. I saw God look upon his creation, indifferent. As Necrodd's army pierced the red sky and their flames engulfed the mountains, I knew God saw me. I knew he saw the end of times and chose to watch.

A shrill cry for attention came as I stood atop the castle pillar, watching the enemy make its way here."Sir!" I looked and saw my lieutenant. An elven warrior named Gientho.

"What is it?" I asked, feeling the electricity on my spear crackling in anticipation of the impending fight.

"It's the War Hawks! They're already here!"

The color drained from my face—the electricity evaporating from my spear. Gientho's expression matched the fear in my heart.

"What do we do sir?"

As I watched my empire crumble, I gripped my weapon and looked at my friend and comrade. We will-

"I'll take that!" Shouted my roommate Norman, yanking the paper out of my hands. "And I'd like to remind you to not read my drafts."

I pouted and crossed my arms under my ample chest. Pushing them up, it looked like they were ready to burst through the window in my crop top. Flashing my patented "Red Eyes of Love," I hoped this would be the day Norman gives it up and lets me fuck his brains out.

Readjusting his square frames, his stern expression did not change. He simply crumpled up the paper and threw it in the bin. Grumbling about needing inspiration, he returned to his writer's nest he called a room. Fishing out the paper, I floated over to his door, my leathery bat wings magically keeping me in the air.

"Awwww come on, Normie!" I shouted from the other side, infusing some magic in my words. "Let me be your beta reader. I just love the way you paint the scenery in your stories! I just want to know what happens next!"

The sound of furious typing could be heard over the faint hum of his computer, pausing only once to listen to me. When my magic failed to work again, he got right back to writing.

Ignoring me was nothing new, to be honest. Norman had a nasty habit of writing for days without ever coming out save for food or to clean himself. The only sign I even had a roommate was the sounds of typing coming from his room. But lately, the typing had stopped. He'd just stayed locked up in his room, completely silent.

"Norman!" I called out again, genuine worry carrying in my voice. "We need to talk!"

The furious typing stopped, and the door swung open. Norman was about a head taller than me when I wasn't floating. He always kept his face hidden behind his massive spectacles. However, the bags under his eyes were visible even behind his glasses. He looked at me, chewing his inner lip.

"What is it Winnie?" He asked, drumming his fingers on the side of the door. "I already gave you this month's rent."

I bit my lip and looked at him. He was losing weight from the looks of it too. I gently grabbed his hand and gave a slight tug.

"Just come with me, please."

Norman chewed his inner lip even harder. "I told you Win, I can't film your videos for you. I need to send something to my publisher by next Friday. And I haven't even-"

Ignoring him, I used my devilish strength to pull him to my room. The middle of the room had a large bed and a camera with lighting equipment. This girl had bills to pay and figurines to buy! Plus, boys love to watch a succubus play with herself. Continuing to ignore Norman's complaints, I floated us up to the ceiling, which I had a large mirror installed on.

"What do you see?" I asked Norman, staring at our reflections.

Norman didn't say anything for a moment. He stared at himself with a look of disbelief. His clothes drooped down, showing the weight Norman had lost. Floating closer, he touched the bags under his eyes, looking on in shock.

"Jesus Christ." A shock of pain went through my head, causing me to drop a foot in the air. "Sorry! Sorry! I just..."

"It's fine, Normie," assured him. "You need to take care of yourself."

I floated up and looked at myself in the mirror. Purple mascara and lipstick, pouting lips, a chest any girl would envy, and if I say so myself: one smoking body. Trim, toned and sexy.

My tail flicked back and forth as I looked over to Normie. He was fussing over the way he looked, still in shock at the state of himself.

I felt my body heat up like a furnace the longer I stared. Norman might not have been what most girls thought of as handsome, but they were wrong. Just looking at Normie did things to me. I liked my lips and decided to finally make my move as we floated onto my bed.

"You're stressed, Normie." I cooed, massaging his shoulders.

"Yeah," He groaned as I dug my red nails into his stiff muscles. "I need to let off some steam."

Now was my chance! "Yeah?"

"Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to do something later."

Oh fuck, it really was my chance. While massaging his shoulders, I used my tail to take off my top. My breasts bounced out and pressed against his back. My pert nipples delighted at the feeling of his favorite hoodie against them.

"Ah, that feels good." Norman sighed obliviously. "Did you buy those massage balls I told you about?"

Devil, he was dense. Ignoring the question, I pressed Norman face down onto the bed. "What did you have in mind to take the stress out?" I asked, flicking off my booty shorts and panties.

While I continued the massage, I used my magic to lower the lights and turn on a few lavender candles. Magic really helps make setting the mood easy. Norman sighed in relaxation, which sent a shiver up my spine. Unable to help myself, the heart-shaped end of my tail started to rub against my clit.

"I was wondering if you wanted to try out that new Arcade Bar downtown." Norman said, yawning.

My juices began to flow as I released my succubus pheromones into the air. A unique concoction of biological and magical scents that would turn a celibate priest into a sex-crazed maniac. Releasing them had the doubled benefit of increasing my body's sensitivity ten-fold.

"Do you like that, Normie?" I whispered into his ear. "Feel nice?"

A dreamy smile appeared on his face. "Yeah. A massage and a nap is exactly what I need."

Massage and a what now?

"What?" I asked blankly.


Norman turned around and saw me. Bare naked, chest heaving, and pussy absolutely soaked. My fingers curled like a harpy's talons toward him. He gave me a look of fear and confusion.

"You uh, need me to leave so you can do your private show?" He asked, arching his eyebrow.

Oh fuck, was this not working? I grabbed him by the cheeks and pressed my nose against his. Staring at him, my eyes began to swirl, and I used my most potent sexual charm against him.

"You are a naughty boy, Normie. You should be punished?"

Norman took my hands off him, and he looked at me funny.

"What'd I do? What do you mean punished."

"I-I-I-I..." I stuttered. I couldn't believe this. This couldn't be happening! My charms they were... useless? They were useless... Oh, Devil, my powers did nothing to him! Oh fuck, that's so hot.

My tail started rubbing even harder against me, and I started panting. Norman, the recluse writer, my Normie was immune to my powers. When he first moved in, he'd had a girlfriend, so I knew that he couldn't be gay. No, he was what my mother warned me about. Normie was a Paragon.

"Norman," I said, floating down and putting one of his hands on my massive breasts. "I desperately want to have sex with you."

He blushed bright red, and his glasses began to fog up. "You what?"

If sex magic wouldn't do it, I was going to do it the old-fashioned way. I leaned into his ear and whispered.

"I want to make a man out of you Norman. I want to feel you in the worst way. No... in the best way." I felt something bulge against my thigh. Something big. I grinned and whispered again. "Do you want to make love with me?"

I pulled away and looked at him, batting my eyes as I licked my lips and rubbed my pussy against his rock-hard erection under his pants. He was so tongue-tied he couldn't speak.

"Please?" I cooed.

Norman simply nodded his head, and that was all I needed to see. Attacking him, I pressed my lips against his and forced my tongue down. He let out a cute little noise as our tongues began to dance with one another. He tasted so delicious!

I kissed him repeatedly, leaving lipstick marks all over his body. As we continued to make out, I felt his hands wander and grab at different places. He particularly liked to play with my nipples, which by now were so sensitive I was about to cum.

"Dammit!" I shouted in frustration. "I want more!"

I ripped his shirt off with a single pull while my tail pulled off his pants. My reward for my patient efforts was a sword befit of the name Excalibur.

"Oh, you are very naughty Norman," I said as I licked my lips. "You've been hiding this from me all this time?"

"Ehehe," Norman laughed nervously. "I didn't think I was your type."

I measured his gargantuan cock against my face and licked from the bast to the head. Norman wiggled against the sheets as I did so.

"Oh, you're my type, alright, Norman." I licked his head a few times while wrapping my hand across the shaft. "I love creative types like you. I've read all your books you know?"

"R-really?" Norman said as I stroked with both hands. My fingertips were unable to connect as I stroked his girthy erection. "That's, uh, nice."

My own pheromones were starting to get the best of me as I started to smell his sexual desires. He wanted me to suck him off from the smell of it. Well... it did look mighty tasty.


Flicking the tip several times with my tongue, Norman moaned, and I got a delicious, devilish idea.

"Oh Norman," I said in my most sultry voice. "Mind joining me?"

I positioned my hips over his face, and I looked down at his shocked face. His jaw was slack as my trembling pussy wiggled over him. I was so wet that a few droplets dripped on his face. With a gulp, he placed his glasses to the side and looked down at me as I stroked his cock.

"May I?"

I giggled and nodded. "Such a gentleman!"

With a sudden ferocity, he grabbed my hips and began to kiss and tongue my pussy. My legs tightened, and I pressed myself down further as he licked me like a wild beast. My whole brain lit up like a lightning storm of pleasure, and I could only do what any self-respecting succubus would in that situation.

Opening wide, I shoved his entire cock down my throat in a single motion, pressing my tongue against it the whole way. Thanks to the fact I didn't need to breathe, I roughly face fucked myself with his giant cock while swirling my tongue. Norman let out a groan of pleasure that I soon matched as he began to suck on my clit.

"Fghgh!" I gurgled while bobbing my head up and down.

I wondered what I tasted like to him, as a succubus' juices were magically the partner's most favorite flavor. Based on his drinking habits, I'd have guessed Cherry Pepsi.

To me, his cock tasted like God's nectar, which I was sure to get as much as possible of.

"Win," Norman groaned as I spun my tongue around the base of his shaft. "I'm gonna cum!"

My tail curled into a heart shape, and I pulled his cock out of my mouth for a moment. A long trail of spit went from my tongue to his dick. My lipstick was smeared on his shaft in several places, and I was huffing and puffing, getting close to my own climax.

"I am too, Normie." I purred while eyeing my prey. "Please come for me, make me swallow a big and thick load down my throat." I stroked him playfully several times. "I want it so bad. Keep doing what you're doing and I promise you'll be happy you did."

With a simple nod, he started licking me again, and I let out a shriek of pleasure. Grinding my hips against his face, I felt my muscles begin to seize up.

"Fuck!" I started licking him up and down again, cupping his balls with my hand. "God I want you to face-fuck me Normie! Fucking use me, you hear me!? I want you to really show me what you've got."

Without another word, I swallowed his cock whole and used every bit of skill, talent, and magic I had while we raced to climax. Norman's tongue dragged across my pussy with long and hard licks. Every time he did that, the air got sucked out of my lungs as I struggled to concentrate.

His massive hard-on stretched my jaw, but luckily I could control my tongue completely. Using my cousin Horrahkie's technique, I made my tongue extra longe and wrapped it tightly around him. I stroked his dick with my Devil's tongue while simultaneously squeezing him with my mouth.

I watched his legs seize up all at once, and his cock got even harder in my mouth. I kept sucking him off, and I heard a gasp escape his mouth. He welled up, ready to come, right as he grabbed my ass with one hand and my tail with another.

Oh, fuck. "Mmmf! Mmmf!" I screamed with my mouth full of his cock, and started orgasming uncontrollably.

A massive load of hot and thick cum exploded out of him, into my throat and mouth. He let out a groan of pleasure, squeezing my tail even tighter. What felt like a supernova exploded in my head as my entire body went into total shock. My vision went blurry while a white noise flooded my ears. I was cumming so hard I was losing my bodily functions, and my jaw went slack.

His last delicious droplets of cum shot onto my tongue, tasting like strawberries and cream. I felt my pussy twitch and squirt, as I literally couldn't move a muscle.

"Ahhhh..." That was all I could muster as my eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I lost all motor function.

After what felt like an eternity, Normie finally let go of my tail, and I felt him go limp as well. My body tingled as my toes, tail, and wings all curled up. Shockwaves of pleasure tracked up and down my body as my senses of sight and sound slowly returned.

Normie rolled out from underneath and picked up before laying me down on the bed. He laid beside me as I curled up under his arms. We both said nothing for several minutes, struggling to catch our breath. After a few minutes, I started giggling uncontrollably.

"So," I teased, walking my fingers up his chest. "When did you plan on telling me you were a Paragon?"

Norman had a far-off stare before looking at me. "A what now?"

Feeling the last droplets of his cum absorb into my tongue, I felt more energized than ever before. "Oh you know, a supercharger for sucubbi and other types of demons. Basically one step short of a sex god."

His eyes went wide, and he looked at me again. Even more confused.

"I guess I'll repeat myself. A what now?"


​ "Sooo... I'm a sex battery?" Norman asked while warming my coffee. It had been a few days since I told him he was a Paragon. "Like, you have sex with me, and I power you up?"

I sipped my coffee before making a face. I hated coffee but wanted to seem cool in front of Norman. Since our fateful encounter, he was looking... sexier. Adding a few scoops of sugar and some cream, I took another sip.

"Blegh! You humans drink this stuff?"

"It's how we get our energy." Norman said, sipping on his fourth cup this morning and letting out a sound of satisfaction. "Hundred milligrams of caffeine per cup to get us through the day. It charges me up and makes me my best writer."

I didn't get it; the coffee was too hot, bitter, and just plain old yucky. Looking over at Norman, I couldn't help but bite my cherry glossed lips. He was wearing the grey sweatpants I bought him for Sweetest Day last month. (I'm a romantic, shut up!)

"Well, you can think of yourself as the world's strongest coffee." I purred, crawling under the table seeing the tent he was pitching. "You can make a succubus gain powers they never thought possible! They can feel pleasure unknown to any other species!"

"Ah, well that's great and all but I—!"

Normie's cut little voice spiked as I pulled out his morning wood. Even at 80%, he was more than a mouthful, but I wanted the whole thing. Stroking his cock, I unzipped my leather skirt. I pulled aside my panties and summoned a suction dildo shaped like Normie's member. It was a perfect recreation down to the vascularity.

"Time for my coffee Normie." I licked my lips as I slammed his cock down my throat at full force.

Normie nearly fell out of his chair as I tightly coiled my tongue around his cock, stroking him while I sucked him off. Holding onto his thighs, I kept him pinned to his chair. Teasing myself, I rubbed the dildo against my sopping wet pussy, edging myself at the idea.

"Glhk, glhk, glhk."

I could feel his thighs shake and his rock-hard cock swell up, ready to burst. Giggling, I pressed my dildo inside my pussy, stretching me so wide and deep I felt a bulge in my belly. My tail fluttered, spasming at the first sensations.

"Oh fuck, Winnie!" Norman groaned, placing his hands on my long red pigtails. "Keep going!"

He didn't need to tell me twice, but he sure got the message across. Gripping onto my tails, he slammed my face against him, shoving every last inch of his cock down my throat. Now, like I said before, succubi don't need to breathe. So this wasn't dangerous at all. Except it was so fucking hot.

"More." I ordered him telepathically. "Make me your little fuck toy."

"Y-y-yes." Normie groaned in a dark, sexy voice. I started riding the dildo shaped in his honor faster and faster.

Norman pulled my hair back, taking almost the entire thing out of my mouth, leaving a long trail of spittle along the shaft. Standing up, he threw the cheap folding table to the side, knocking the coffee onto the floor. I looked up at him with my eyes filled with a seduction charm. However, it was futile as they met his beastly gaze.

"Sit all the way down on it." He ordered, glancing at my dildo.

Like a good succubus, I filled every last inch of my pussy with his surrogate. My tail shook uncontrollably as my body began to lose control because of how good it felt. Normie was being so rough! I loved it.

"Now give me your tail."

My eyes widened in fear as he held out his right hand. He knew my tail was a weak spot, specifically the heart-shaped tip. I wanted to say something, but he gripped hard and shoved my face back down onto his cock. With a single grab, he reached out and snatched my tail out of the air, squeezing the tip.

I came. I came so fucking hard I felt my eyes roll back and my jaw unhinge. Taking the opportunity, Norman started to yank me back and forth, facefucking me like a wild animal. With every thrust, every squeeze of my tail, and every pull of the hair, I came. I came over and over and over again.

With a final pull, Norman held my head, and I felt his hot load coat down my throat. I was barely conscious as I gulped down his cum, not wasting a single drop.

"Good girl."

He kept his cock in my mouth for several moments, groaning in pleasure. My whole body would have fallen over had he not held me tight. But as his cum flowed into me, I felt a strange sensation. It was warm, like the sun's rays melted on my skin, and the droplets raced along my body.

It felt amazing.

It felt empowering.

When Norman finally pulled out, he sat down on the rickety couch he'd inherited from his Uncle Isaac. I stayed where I was, basking in the warm sensation flowing inside of me. I'd just cum so hard I was moments from passing out, but now... now I felt like I could take on an army of prissy angels. Like I could beat Super Meat Boy in a single sitting. I felt like...

"I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk, Norman." I said, voice becoming all echoey and powerful. "I'm going to take your seed with the fury of a thousand suns. Now lie back on the couch and prepare to have your hips shattered from Snu-Snu."

Norman looked at me, his semi-erect penis hanging out. With a single look at my body, now glowing bright red with sexual energy, his erection came right back, strong as steel. He nodded his head furiously and stripped naked.

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