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After Saving the Elven Royalty, a Human Knight Receives His Prize. A Princess.

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

“She’s gonna hate me.” I say to myself while pacing the floor of my tiny cottage. “Her sister Esmera certainly had a lot to say about how repugnant I was while saving her ass from the Dragon. And her mother’s. And her father’s. And the whole fucking royal court, for that matter! I mean seriously! Who comments on the ear shape of the guy who just slayed a fucking dragon? Even if they are an elf? Or princess…. Elf princess...”

Before I could continue my mini-rant, I heard a voice beside me. “The same spoiled brat who sees charity as weakness.”

I jumped back, landing on the bed, taking up most of my home. “Fuck!”

“Oh that’s the plan sweetheart.” It was a woman’s voice, warm as the summer’s sun and sweeter than a Wintenday Pie.

When I turned and saw the owner of the sensuous voice, I was amazed by what I saw. Or rather, who I saw. She was tall, with a coppery complexion and hair that fell in red and black waves to her waist. Standing up, I took in her radiant beauty, powerful aura, and extremely curvaceous body. And I’d like to emphasize: extremely curvaceous.

“My dear husband.” She cooed, wrapping her arms around me. “Are you happy your bride has come home?”

My jaw dropped as I saw her sensuous curves hug every inch of the tight, gold, and black dress she wore. Her massive breasts swayed back and forth, and I couldn’t help but stare. Stare at every last bit of her in disbelief that I married to the personification of beauty, lust, and desire herself, Princess Saphyna.

Laughing, she touched my chin, raising me eye-level with her. “Oh, Darling. I hope you aren’t disappointed Mother gave you her oldest and most troublesome daughter.”

“Of-of course not, your highness.”

Saphyna pouted playfully. “Mmmm… call me Honey.”

Her eyes were a rich, luxurious purplish blue, trapping me in her gaze. As I lost myself in her gaze, my mind was transported back to the day of the attack. Discussions of payment for clearing a troll-infested cave were quickly silenced by the beast’s explosive breath. Stone melted away as people screamed and ran in every direction.

“Get back!” I called out, shielding the royal family. “I’ll buy you some time.”

Every member of the family ran to safety, leaving only the Dragon and me. Save for one person. She’d been trapped under the rubble, and I managed to lift the stones off her legs while avoiding the Dragon’s bite. I didn’t even have time to make sure the handmaiden got to safety while I climbed up the back of the scaly bastard.

All I could remember was a flash of…

“Red.” I said quietly, brushing my hair through her locks. “Saphyna? That was you? W-what happened? I thought you were gone.”

“No, Darling.” She whispered, eyes quivering. “I was forced into exhile until recently. I had only been home a few weeks when you arrived. And then the infernal Dragon attacked. You rushed to save me, without knowing me from a begger on the street. Without knowing I was a royal, you threw yourself to save me.”


She silenced me with a kiss, long and slow, wrapping her hands around me. The decadent smell of her perfume danced across my nostrils. Saphyna continued to kiss me, deeper and more passionately.

“Darling.” She whispered, breathless as her hair. “Do you know why I came to live here with you, miles from civilization on your farm? Why I did not bring you to our castle? Why I was banished?”

My mind raced as I struggled to catch my breath. Saphyna, someone I held near and dear, had just appeared back in my life. As my mind tried to make sense of everything, she kissed me again. I was taken aback as I felt her tongue slide into my mouth, and the feeling of her chest pressed against me was magical.

“Tell me.” I said, too stunned to speak, watching a small trail be left from her kiss.

Her hands moved in a flash, and suddenly, we were both naked on the bed. Saphyna straddled me, her pussy rubbing against my leg, already soaking wet. Her eyes had become predatory as she grasped at my fully erect member. Her silken hands caressed it with gentleness and care reserved for only the most precious treasures.

“Because father grew tired of me screaming your name.” She said, grinding herself against me. “For years I’ve lusted for you. My knight in shining armor. Since the moment I met you, you set me on fire. For years my desire to ravish you grew. Year by year. Day by day.”

Saphyna kissed me again, rubbing her entrance with the head of my cock. I felt her long tongue wrap around my neck as she did so. She bit me, kissed me, and marked me all over, teasing the moment of impact.

“Every moment, I ached for you, Darling. Locked away from you by the prison that is my royalty, I was forced to imagine this moment. Ahh~!” Saphyna was so wet the head slid in with the ease of a wind rolling through the hills. “Ahhh! Oh lords above, you’ve already shamed the hours I’ve spent masturbating to this day.”

Saphyna bit down again, suckling on my beck, wrapping her arms around me. My hands drifted to her posterior, grabbing her with both hands. Saphyna let out a scream of pleasure as I squeezed.

“You find me enjoyable?” I teased. “This human knight of no true nobility.”

Saphyna stopped what she was doing and rose upwards. Her face became deadly serious as she stared down at me.

“Never question that again.” She commanded. “I’ve spent the last four years pleasuring myself to the thought of you. To the thought of your thick, human cock penetrating me. Filling my fertile womb with your seed.”

She grabbed my hands and shoved them onto her chest. Wit h a squeeze, she let out another scream, and I felt a splash on the head of my cock. Squeezing on my tip, Saphyna convulsed in pleasure.

“T-the gods themselves have blessed our union, Darling. With the merest touch you’ve turned me into a puddle of flesh and pleasure.”

“Honey…” I said as energy coursed through me.

“Darling!” With that, Saphyna slammed her ass downward, gobbling up the rest of my cock. “YES! OH LORDS ABOVE YES! YOU’RE EVEN BIGGER THAN I IMAGINED. BETTER THAN I IMAGINED.”

Saphyna tilted her head upward as she screamed into the heavens. Unable to withstand it, I exploded, cumming inside of her. As I Saphyna’s whole body shook, matching my orgasm. As she did, our bodies began to glow bright red, shrouded in a magical aura.

“What’s going on?” I grunted, still holding tight to her gargantuan tits.

“THE GODS HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!” She screamed, looking back down at me placing her hands on my shoulders. “I prayed before my arrival to be granted the ability to make up for all the time I could not spend with you.”

My whole body coursed with an energy unlike any other. No spell had given me such strength. No potion such vitality. The gods themselves touched my beloved and me today. And they did so with one goal in mind.

“I’m going to fuck you Darling.” She said it with a tenderness and love that should’ve been impossible. “And you’re going to fuck me. We will entwine ourselves in ecstacy the likes of which the world never saw.”

Her words awoke something in me. A primal hunger I hadn’t realized was there before. “Yes.” I growled.

Squeezing her breasts, I thrust upward, reigniting our passion. Saphyna matched me, riding up and down in perfect rhythm. I felt her body shake and her pussy convulse as she came, over and over. With every thrust, another shudder. With each wave of pleasure, another scream out to the heavens.

Her breasts flopped up and down, dwarfing my hands. She squeezed and wrapped around me like a silken voice, begging me to cum. Demanding that I cum. Enervated with such god-like energy, I came inside her, never once slowing down.

“Ohhhh yes, Darling. Fuck me more! Fuck me like this every day! I want it so bad! I need it.”

Using all my strength, I grabbed my wife and flipped her over onto the bed. Her legs were splayed up in the air, and I pressed my cock inside her. She moaned and writhed in pleasure as I kissed her, taking over her tongue this time. She was in a near-constant state of orgasm, squeezing me and leaking her juices mixed with my cum. Over and over, I thrust into her with every ounce of strength. The bed creaked and groaned as it smacked against the wall.

“You’re so rough with me Darling! I love it! I love how you fuck me! Like you hate me! Like you loathe me!”

For only a moment, I stopped. I knew that Saphyna was aggressive, but her words made my heartache.

“Honey.” I said, cupping her face in my hand. “I will never hate you.” Saphyna’s eyes went wide, and a single tear went down her cheek. When I saw that, I began to thrust again. “I love you Saphyna. You beautiful, sex-crazed, princess.”

I continued to thrust into her, pressing my cock against the very edges of her womb. Saphyna’s moaned into my ear, wrapping her arms around me. Kissing me over and over everywhere her ruby red lips could find, we continued on.

“I want you to breed me, Darling.” Saphyna whispered into my ear. “I want your children. I want you to impregnate me tonight. I want to flood me with your seed. Breed me Darling, breed me!”

At her command, I came harder than I ever had in my life. I let out a roar of carnal pleasure, marking Saphyna as mine and mine alone. Forever mine. And myself forever hers.

For hours we ravaged the house. I held her in the air, pressing her back against the stone wall. I pressed her into the bed, coating her womb with my seed. I brought her to the window as night fell and fucked her from behind. My cock disappearing behind her giant buttocks. Our roars filled the night sky, drowning all noise that dared oppose us. We glistened with sweat, shining in the moonlight, still unsatisfied. Still unsatiated.

By the time we had finally found a moment’s tiredness, the morning sun rose beyond the horizon. We had taken to my front porch, with Saphyna in my lap. Her belly bulged with the cum she so desperately desired. We sat there silently. Basking in the afterglow of what would be only the first round in a marathon of lovemaking. Holding onto Saphyna tight, I watched the first day of the rest of my life rise into the sky.

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