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Hard, Throbbing, Data

"I-I'd like to go on the record saying that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, Dr. Friedman." I said as my legs wobbled while the buxom doctor looked up from her knees. "I would, uh, also like to confirm that my uh, participation in your study will... will...ah!"

Doctor Friedman began sucking on the head of my cock, swirling her tongue around the tip. I placed my hands on the lab table behind me to stay balanced. I was stark naked in her personal Laboratory while the doctor was in nothing but her lab coat. Her large breasts swaying in and out. Right as I was about to blow my load, Dr. Freidman looked up and stopped, slowly pulling away.

Dr. Freidman began to stroke me while talking into a voice recorder. "Patient 0.0.1 is approximately 6.8 to 6.9 inches in girth, roughly 9.5 inches in length." Her voice was rich and heavily accented. Eastern European for sure, but I couldn't tell you where. Her pearly skin matched shined against the matte white of her coat.

She turned off the recorder and looked up at me. "Patient 0.0.1."

"Y-Yes, Doctor?"

"How many times have you initiated conversations during your most recent semester of college?" I don't think she meant to, but she idly stroked my cock with her left hand while asking.

I racked my brain, trying to think of any interactions where I initiated things. Shame pelted me as I couldn't come up with a single one. Dr. Freidman must have read my expression as a glint appeared in her eyes.

"None then."


"And previous sexual partners? Also none."


A dangerous smile appeared behind her bright red lips. It was a terrifying and sultry mix of kind and hungry.

"It's okay, 0.0.1. You're a perfect specimen for the test."

Some test. I was just trying to pay tuition and signed up for medical and psychological testing. I had no idea what this had to do with Sociability and Its Effects On Hand Sizing.

...Wait. I had an idea now.

Dr. Freidman clicked the recorder back on.

"Will now begin precise testing for length."

With the recorder still going, Dr. Freidman opened her mouth wide and began to wrap her mouth around my cock. I did my best to not make a sound, as was required in the release form for the testing. No talking while the recorder is on.

With impossible ease, I felt her tongue slide across my cock, down into her throat. That couldn't turn my eyes away as her piercing grey eyes stared back up at me inquisitively. My breath grew ragged, and I had a hard time keeping my composure. An inch before her face rested at my hips, she stopped and pointed to the back of her head.


Her curious look turned stern and annoyed. Dr. Freidman grabbed her bright purple ponytail and simulated pulling and pushing with it. I silently mouthed, asking her if she wanted me to pull her hair, and she nodded. How was she even breathing?

Nervously, I slowly moved my hands towards the back of her head. I felt her well-manicured nails wrap around my waist, crushing the small of my back.

A shiver went up and down my spine as I felt the cold, hard acrylic on my skin. Grasping at Dr. Freidman's intricately weaved ponytail, I gripped gently at first. She made an annoyed gurgle, wish I could only interpret as dissatisfaction.

To speed me up, Dr. Freidman began swirling her tongue around the bottom of my shaft, causing my brain to shut down partially. Acting on their own, my fists curled into tight grips, and I shoved the last inch down her throat.

I felt my raging erection down her throat, covered in spittle. Rather than choke in surprise or try to push away, Dr. Freidman just looked at me. Her expression was completely neutral. However, one of her hands was off my back, and now rubbing her clit. Taking the hint, I kept a tight grip on her hair and pulled her almost completely out, save for the tip.

Dr. Freidman let out a moan all of a sudden. "Mmmmmfff" her eyes widened in surprise, and it looked like she was about to say something. But by this point, I was too far gone, and I shoved my cock down her throat.

Leaning forward, I held on to her and began to violently facefuck Dr. Freidman. I felt myself slide down her throat with ease as she continued pleasuring herself. Her moans became louder and louder while her face became flushed.

"Glhk. Glhk. Glhk. Glhk. Glhk. Glhk. Glhk. "

I felt a tug in my lower region, and my cock swelled up, ready to explode. Despite the sudden boldness in my actions, I was terrified to say anything. Dr. Freidman's erotic gaze terrified me in a way. I'd never been stared at like this, and I felt my spirit wilt. I slowed my pace and began to relax my grip. However, the second I did that, I felt Dr. Freidman claw me with her free hand.

She pointed to the dry erase board beside us with a list of objectives. 1: Measure Girth. 2: Measure Length. 3: Measure ejaculatory volume. 4: Ah fuck it, I got the message.

And apparently, she wanted to make herself extra clear. With a shrill moan escape her, I saw a tiny squirt on the floor next to Dr. Freidman. She was moaning extremely loudly as she gripped my waist. With a forceful pull, she shoved every last dead of my cock down her throat, and I felt her tongue swirling around the base and my balls.

I couldn't control my voice and let out an involuntary grunt. "Fuck."

Once again, her eyes went wide, but she didn't have the same Stern expression. Instead, she was meek-looking. As if she couldn't handle it anymore. I agreed.

"Fuck it."

One last grasp, I fucked the doctor's throat as hard as I could. She encouraged this by clawing into my back while she continued to squirt on the floor. With a voice I didn't know I even possessed, I let out a curse of pleasure.


I felt the levee in me break, and I exploded, cumming down the doctor's throat. As I did, I kept her throat right down to the hilt. Dr. Freidman whimpered, slapping my back and rubbing her face into me as I came like a firehose. She greedily gulped down my sperm, holding me in position long after the last droplets had been exorcised from my body.

I lost all feeling in my legs, and I felt my weight shift onto Doctor Freidman. However, she wasn't interested in holding me up and pushed me onto a table. She gasped for air when she finally pulled my cock out of her mouth.

"Haaaa..." She wiped her mouth of the excess cum and spittle. Her lipstick was smeared all over her face, and her foundation had gone runny. However, she had regained the studious and level-headed expression she had before. She looked like she wanted to reprimand me for speaking up, but she just scribbled down some notes and picked up her recorder.

"Length confirmed 9.675 inches in length. Ejaculate volume is 25 to 30 milliliters..." She looked at me, licking her lips. "Further testing required for validation, along with test parameter four."

She turned off the recorder and stripped off her coat, climbing on top of me on the table.

"What's test parameter four?" I asked, already getting hard again.

She began to slide my cock in her pussy and whispered into my ear.


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