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A Champion Broken


"You've done well, adventurer." Madam Madura grinned, her blood-red fingernails brushing against the ruby on her ample chest. "You've taken on every challenge in front of you, but here you stand. Well, sit, I suppose."

Madura laughed as she watched the young man struggle in the chair her minions had tied him to. Surely he was letting her do the big speech before the end. Just as he'd done against her former master, the Demon King Borlak, who forced Madura into servitude. She licked her fangs in excitement.

Borlak's defeat was a happy side effect of her betrayal against that Bastard King. Now she was well on her way to a kingdom of her own. A refuge for the broken and hated by the Sun-Worlder's. But this "champion" was still in her way.

"Y-y-y-y-you're a madman!" The Champion, Toran, she recalled, shrieked.

His head turned, and she was shocked by his face. His eyes were sunken in, and his skin sagged against his face. Scars covered the once boyish charm she remembered. Madam Madura slowly walked over to Toran, trying to relish the moment. So the Vampire Queen had a flair for the dramatic, so what!?

Toran let out a guttural screech and thrashed against the ropes. "What are you going to do to me!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"

Madura jumped back in shock. Toran screamed and twisted his arms against the ropes, desperate to free himself. Bloody streaks appeared on his arms as the ropes dug into his wrists and elbows.


Before Madam Madura could say anything, Toran's chair tipped over, slamming to the stone floor of her throne room. Several demons under the Madam's control snickered. With a flash of red in her eyes, the demons all stiffened up, falling under her control.

Madura pointed her finger at a lieutenant, floating him over. "What's he talking about?"

The demon scratched his left horn uncomfortably. Toran thrashed against the floor, babbling incoherently, tears streaming down his face. The Madam's stony gaze pressed the demon squarely into the ground. The demon cowered as he spoke.

"H-h-he is likely referring to th-the Hundred Days, Your Highness." He stuttered.

Her black heart sank into her stomach. The Champion, Toran, went missing two years ago for a hundred days just before he defeated Borlak in a vicious flurry of magic and swordsmanship. They say his screams still echo through the remains of the Bastard King's castle.

Screams that she was present to now. The boy's black hair was matted and greasy, and his eyes were watching in horror at a monster not here. Blood poured from his wrists and joints while his voice reached an inaudible crescendo.

"Please! Please, Borlak!" Toran cried, his mouth revealing a series of chipped teeth. "I don't know where they took it! I don't know! I don't know! Don't put me back in The Room! Don't! Please!"

The Room. A special place of torture the Bastard King constructed that caused his exile from the Seven Hells. A single day there was enough to break the will of a demi-god. Her concentration slipped, and the demons were freed from their control. However, they all remained stiff as boards, watching Toran's wailing. "The Room" was a significant reason for Madura's Rebellion.

"How tragic." Madam Madura whispered. "The Bastard King's victims still grow in numbers." She knelt down and brushed the young man's head. The boy's head. He was so young for this. Too young. "You poor, foolish boy."

"NOOOOO!" Toran screamed, crying into the stone. "NO ROOM! NO ROOM!"

The chair turned upright with a flick of her wrist, getting Toran off the floor. The ruby shined against the Vampire Queen's chest as she held his head, trying to ease Toran's mind. She cast a spell of calmness on him, causing his hoarse screams to die down. Once his screaming stopped, she put him to sleep.

"Sleep, you brave little boy." She whispered in his ear.

His gaunt eyes grew heavy, and he fell asleep with a look almost like thankfulness on his face. His face drooped over, and his head hung down at Madam Madura. It was as if he were bowing to her. Precisely what she promised her minions; that the Champion of Yelrazek would bow to her.

"My Queen?" The cowering demon asked as she stared at Toran, her nails digging into her palms. "What shall we do with the Champion?"

Her black eyes burned a hole into the demon's head. She was about to literally burn a hole in his head before catching herself. She was a queen, but she refused to be a dictator. With a heavy sigh, she shook her head.

"Place him in the guest's quarters near my quarters." She said, brushing her long silvery hair. "Let him rest and prepare a feast. He looks like he hasn't had a good meal in years."

"B-but Madam!"

Now she was seriously considering burning a hole in his head. She lit a tiny fire in her pupil and turned her head back to the demon.


"...Which room would you prefer? The painting room, or your reading room."

"The reading room, Kirthap. And make sure he is undisturbed."

Part 2

Madam Madura sat acrossToran on the dining table, silently watching as he tore into the endless stream of meats, cheeses, and fruits. His eyes held the same wild look a starving animal has when fighting over scraps of carrion.

He paused, gasping for air, looking at the dented silver chalice. Madura snapped her fingers, and it was refilled with juice. The last thing Toran needed was alcohol dehydrating him. Grasping with both hands, he drank deeply. Tiny dribbles of juice streamed down his jaw as he drank and drank from the now endless chalice.

"Don't drown yourself, Toran." She said with a soft, sad chuckle.

His eye shot open, looking at her. With a final mighty gulp, he put the cup down and wiped his mouth. He looked at Madam Madura for a moment before turning away, looking out to the sky. She had arranged for a private dinner on the balcony of her astronomy tower.

Toran rapidly talked under his breath as he looked out to the stars. Even with her enhanced hearing, she couldn't quite understand his words. It sounded like a prayer or a mantra. The moonlight shined against Toran's face, highlighting the scars on his face, the most prominent being an X-shaped scar under his right eye.

"You look better, Toran." She said finally. He was handsome for a human boy. She had preferred elves like herself before turning. "I take it the last week has been restful?"

Toran jerked his head over. "Hmm? O-oh. Y-yes ma'am. Thank you for the sleep spells."

Madam Madura pushed her plate away, the roast her chefs prepared almost untouched. She didn't have the appetite for her chef's exquisite cooking.

Toran's expression changed to confusion. "Y-you said I've been here a week?"

The Vampire Queen pursed her lips. "Yes. I was concerned at first, but my clerics and advisors told me you weren't cursed, just exhausted. I was skeptical, but you fianlly woke up today."

Toran put the food down and frowned. Her words had seriously perturbed him.

"Ma'am. Has the Kingdom of Toxa sent an emissary of any sorts? Perhaps made contact with you?"

Toxa? She hadn't yet formally created ties with Toran's home kingdom. It was on her to-do list, but agriculture and infrastructure had taken priority. Post-war industrial needs were no joke.

"No..." She said slowly. "Should they have?"

Toran screwed his face into a tortured smile. Suppressing a cough, he took a drink from his chalice.

"I-uh, I guess they haven't gotten around to it yet." Madam Madura raised an eyebrow, looking at Toran. He avoided her gaze for several moments before caving in. "Well, I came here hearing about the new "Demon Kingdom," and Princess Halia promised to send for me if I wasn't heard from within a week."

"You just woke up from your week of sleep though," She added helpfully. "It's possible they are on their way."

Toran's smile slipped, and he took a deep breath. "I left for here a month ago. I got caught up fighting a dragon in the mountains on my way."

Madam Madura jumped to her feet, slamming her hands to the table. "THAT WAS YOU!?"

Toran curled into a ball, covering his head. "I'm sorry! I-I-I didn't mean to! It was going to eat me!" He shook like a leaf as he spoke.

Her heart twisted into knots, looking at the poor boy receded into the chair in fear. "No, Toran. I'm sorry." She said, guilt racking her. "I should be thanking you that is. The dragon Wedkiol was threatening to invade my kingdom and kill my people. You have my gratitude."

Toran peeked out from his arms, covering his face as Madam Madura walked over. She placed her slender hand on his head, pressing him against her bosom as she stroked his head with her long nails.

"You're a courageous man, Toran. For many, seeing dragons is the story of a lifetime. You mention defeating them with the casualness of a boy describing his walk through the woods." Toran let out a slight noise. A cross between a sigh and a whimper. "Would you care to rest with me?"

Toran's face burned bright red. "Madam?"

She smiled, feeling her heart race for the first time in a hundred years. "Call me Guinevere, dear."


Guinevere sat in the middle of her four-poster bed, with Toran laying his head on her thighs. She gently stroked his head while stroking his memories as well.

Years of torment, bloodshed and violence poisoned the boy's mind. She looked at his scarred body and the tight ropes of muscle with no fat to buffer his frame. He looked minuscule in her care.

"I was happy." Toran said softly, the faintest smile on his lips. "The day I was told I'd be the Champion. That I would save the world."

Toran had opened up about his past while she comforted him. Her calming spells soothed his aching heart, making it easier to express himself.

"A family friend was a former adventurer and took me under his wing. We immediately set out to confront the Demon King."

"But you were only fourteen," Guinevere said softly. "How could you have been ready?"

Toran nestled deeper into her lap, crumpling her silver, red and black dress.

"...I wasn't." As he said that, images of his memory flashed across Guinevere's eyes.

"Captured." She said quietly. "Borlak captured you and your mentor." A violent deluge of gore, interrogation and psychological torture assaulted her as she saw Toran's mentor get brutalized. She gasped as a single tear rolled down her porcelain cheek. "The Room."

Toran tensed for a moment due to her lack of concentration. As it subsided, he sniffed and sat up, facing her.

"I was captured and brought to The Room no less than four times before finally defeating King Borlak. Each time I escaped. It took more extreme methods than before." Toran laughed while rubbing tears from his eye.

"Borlak didn't realize I was the Champion until that day. He thought I was the Champion's scout and wanted to torture me as a way to show dominance."

Hatred seethed in Guinevere at the thought of that sadistic fucker. Her only solace was his demise.

"Ms. Guinevere." Toran said softly, grasping her hand. "Thank you."

She looked at Toran and saw an honest-to-goodness smile on his face. He looked young again. The dark veil of his burden lifted from his shoulders. Guinevere lost her breath for a moment, having not realized how handsome he was.

"I haven't had the chance to speak with someone about everything before this. My mind has never felt this clear in years."

Her heart hammered in her ample chest as she reached out and touched his face. He felt warm like sunrays on a summer's day. A warmth she had not known in a hundred years.

"The world never knew peace until you saved it, Toran Nightshade." Her voice was barely audible. That warmth grew inside her core. "The world owes you a debt they will never pay."

"No, it was my burden to bear," Toran croaked. "A burden I wore gratefully."

"No!" Guinevere insisted, clasping his hands. "You silly, powerful, handsome man! No!"


Her ruby began to glow as Guinevere felt the heat rising in her body. The world's savior had been cast aside by the kingdom—abandoned by the princess he saved from Borlak himself!

And now, this pitiful, hopeless, rugged young man was in front of her. And she wanted to correct the world's sins against him. She needed to.

"M-Miss Guinevere?" Toran nervously said as she crawled towards him. Toran fell to his back as she drew closer. "W-what are you doing?"

"Righting some wrongs." She cooed, tossing her dress to reveal a purple corset and stockings. "And submitting to my lust for you."

Guinnevere mounted him, her chest heaving up and down as she stared him down. Despite being the Champion and savior of the world, he wasn't very tall. Perhaps 170 centimeters at the most, while she was roughly 190 herself.

She rubbed her hands over his chest, deftly removing his shirt. His chest was dimpled with scars and burn marks, some of which looked fresh. But beneath it, she could feel his heart hammering away—the heart of a champion which burned with a passion hotter and brighter than the sun.

"You are a handsome man, Toran." She said seductively, pressing herself against him. "But it is your heart that draws me so close. The heart of the Champion."

She pressed her plump red lips against him, kissing him slowly and sensually. The young hero was too gobsmacked to react, so she took advantage, pressing her tongue inside his mouth, dominating him. Even the taste of Toran was warm and bright, like a mug of cider on a windy day.

"Do you find me desirable?" Guinevere teased, nibbling on his neck, careful to retract her fangs.

"Yes, Miss Guinevere." He moaned. "You are stunning."

"Call me Gwen." She grinned, feeling a bulge in his pants. "Tell me more while I stroke you."

She pulled off his pants and unhooked her corset, unleashing her breasts. The bounced out, pert and ready for debauchery. Licking her lips, she grabbed Toran's impressive shaft with one hand and pressed his hand against her breast with her other. Once he grabbed ahold of her, she began to play with herself, careful to make sure he saw it.

"I-I was struck by your beauty the day I saw you four years ago. Your snow-white skin and elegant beauty, Ah, Guinevere!" Toran couldn't continue as she stroked him gently while using a warming spell on her hands.

"I told you that you may address me as Gwen." She said lightly, feeling him melt into the bed. "And you are too kind." She readjusted herself, placing her breasts around his massive cock. "Be a good boy and continue."

She pressed her breasts together and began to stroke his cock. The tip and part of the shaft poked out of the top, which she greedily licked and suckled on while stroking him. She telepathically played with her clit, making her wetter and wetter as she titfucked him.

"Y-yes, ma'am. I mean Gwen!" He looked and saw her eyes staring at him, expectant to continue. "I could always s-sense goodness in you when I saw you in the Demon King's Castle. I knew you, ah! I knew you didn't want to be there. That y-you wanted to protect your p-p-people!"

Gwen warmed her breasts with magic and stroked his cock harder and faster with her breasts. Sucking on the tip, she swirled her tongue around it, getting plenty of drool and spit on it. She stopped for a second to breathe, grinning as her lipstick smeared.

"Good boy." She purred, feeling his cock swell and grow. "You're very good at seeing the best in others. Is that why you came here? To see my beauty?"

Grasping his testicles, she began to suck his cock, easily taking every last bit of him down her throat. One perk of being a vampire is a lack of the need to breathe. However, the only thing on Gwen's mind now was the need to breed.

"N-no!" Toran gasped, unable to concentrate. "I-I mean, yes. But I came because I wanted to ensure peace b-b-b-between your kingdom and Toxa. I was worried the princess may attack if someone else was sent. Oh, gods on high!"

That bitch. Of course, she used him as a political plaything. Perhaps she could send the little brat a painting of her and Toran making passionate love as a gift in the future.

However, the only thing that needed doing now was to care for the needs of this hero—this delicious, submissive hero, she wanted to spoil to the extreme.

"Fuah!" Several trails of spittle traced from Torans cock to Gwen's mouth as she savored the flavor of his precum. "No matter, if you wish, I will only pursue peace with that stupid kingdom. On one condition that is."


Her eyes became dangerous, like a predator locked on prey at its most vulnerable. She could tell how close he was. How badly he wanted to cum. How desperately he wanted to plaster her with his thick, potent seed. She continued fingering herself, growing hotter and wetter by the second.

"You will be their ambassador and live here full time." She said breathlessly but with the same authority as she did when giving orders. "You will not go on these suicide missions, damaging yourself needlessly. Instead, you will be my advisor to foreign affairs. Also..."

She licked his chest, tracing her long vampire tongue around his waist before wrapping it around the base of his shaft for a moment.

"Also what, Miss Gwen?"

She was going to correct his politeness but decided not to. He was so cute when he was trying to be polite.

"You will let me spoil you and bask you with the love and adoration this world has failed to give you. And by the way, it's not a request."

Without warning, she shoved his cock back down her throat and began to violently suck him off, using her finely-honed magic to warm him and send pleasurable sensations up and down his body.

Toran grabbed her by the hair, whimpering for her to continue. First, she thought it was adorable, but then she realized how mighty his grip was. Toran would have been dangerous like this if she weren't a vampire.

But she was a vampire. And his strength excited her even more. Gwen summoned continued to finger herself as she felt him grow larger and larger in her mouth.

"M-miss Gwen!" He moaned, shoving her deeper as she felt herself get closer. "I'm getting close!"

"Cum for me, Toran. Be a good boy and cum." She commanded, telepathically linking herself with him. "Cum down my throat as hard as you can. This is your reward for being so good. For saving the world."

"GWEN!" He shouted out, grabbing her hair.

She watched in lustful awe as his muscles tightened and tensed. With one final thrust, she felt him cum down her throat.

Cum erupted down Gwen's throat, overflowing onto her breasts as she struggled to gulp it all down. He was so pent up. Toran groaned in pleasure as his orgasm tested the limits of the Vampire Queen.

Gwen felt something explode inside her, and she orgasmed violently. This little brat! She was cumming from sucking him off!? She was going to love having him around. Once the deluge pleasure ended, Gwen slowly pulled him out, making sure not to let another drop spill.

"You're such a good boy, Toran." She cooed. "You deserve a reward for all this."

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