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Victory: Celebrating With Your Elf Teammate After Saving the World From the Void

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

After defeating the Void Dragon, you and the members of your party celebrate! But the Elf Fighter on the team has other things on her mind.

(Main Character} - Shuvi - Elven Fighter who helps defeat the Ioga, The Void Dragon, with the Band of Heroes, which includes the listener. She jokingly calls affectionately calls the listener Hero.

Shuvi's backstory: First Heir to her kingdom's throne, she has been helping the band of adventurers in their quest to defeat Ioga (E-Yawga) the Void Dragon for the past four years. Shuvi has grown very fond of her group, especially the Human Fighter she calls Hero. However, she was only granted the ability to go on this quest by agreeing to accept the crown and her title as queen after the Dragon's defeat.

Vibe: She's a proud warrior and fierce protector of her friends. However, she's got a bit of that Tsundere to her. You know how it be.

[Brackets are for setting/sound direction, but optional.]

Content in *asterisks* is for context and visualization.



[Magic, Fire, and metallic clanging sounds while a Dragon Roars]

S - Hero! Ioga has me pinned under its claws! Destroy the crystal! *Beat* You can't wait, just DO IT! I'll be oka- [Dragon's Roar] ...Hero?

*Hero clutches the crystal in his hands and charges at the Dragon in a desperate attempt to save Shuvi.*

S - Hero! Stop, Please! [Swords clanging and dragon breath before a weird, charging sound begins.] Hero, I'm alright! Hero...? [Sudden realization as the sound gets louder.] HERO!

*Shuvi watches in horror as Hero smashes the crystal on the Dragon, unleashing a gigantic magical explosion*

[Fade out] *Beat* [Fade In]

S - Hero! Hero! Are you alright!? Oh, I was so worried! *Shuvi grabs onto the wounded but living Hero in a tight hug.* Don't ever scare me like that again... *Beat* Us! I mean, don't scare US like that! Ehehehe, right guys? Guys?... Hmph!

[Sound of revelry and celebration at the tavern as the continent has been saved from being sucked into the void. Music playing, flagons being drunk, laughter abound! Except for Shuvi, sitting alone at a table.]

S - [Long sigh as Hero Approaches] Hero... You're awake! I thought Bwilly told you to rest up? Celebrations? There's all the time in the *world* for celebrations! We saved everyone. You, Me, Bwilly, Avor, and Thwipwickle, we did it! [Her voice becomes sad and hollow.] And, now it's over...

S - Hero, do you think we could talk somewhere else? I... I need to say something. *they walk up the stairs to a quiet area, the din of the part below fading away.* I'm sorry to drag you away from the party Hero, but I couldn't say this around the others... I guess I'm sad that this is over. That our adventure together is over. The Dragon's defeated, the world is saved, and now what?

S - Bwilly said she's returning to the Silver Forest, Avor wants to return to the Dova Monastery and Thwipwickle... I think Thwipwickle's got a family to go back to! *Beat* I'm sure that you'll... probably want to return home soon. The folk hero returns! Marries the girl and retires to his farm, or tavern, or... whatever humans do when they get old.

S - [Giggilng] I know thirty isn't old! Even a hundred is relatively young for us elves! *Hero asks what she will do now.* Oh, me? I'll be returning to the kingdom. Taking my rightful place as queen... These last four years have been a... a blur. A blink of the eye. I hope I can remember this after I return to my kingdom tomorrow.

*Shuvi moves in closer and grasps Hero by the arm.*

S - Hero... I don't want to be a royal. When you first came to our kingdom and asked for our help, I lent you my sword so that I could save my people. But, I also did it to save myself from the confines of the castle. The drudgery and detachment from the land we elves once protected. I don't want to leave this life of adventure. I don't want to leave my friends. Most of all... I don't want to leave you.

*Hero cups her face in his hands. Shuvi's breathing grows long and anxious. They stare into each other's eyes longingly. Tears forming.*

S – Hero…

S -[Whispers] Hero, I-Mmf! *Hero kisses Shuvi, long and slow, holding her tight as tears roll down their faces.* I know. I know you'll never forget me. And I'll remem-AHhhh!

[Hero kisses her again and begins to grope Shuvi's impressive chest.]

S - [Surprised but 100% into it] Hero! You perverted h-human! Oh yes... I-I always knew you were a lecherous man! The way you stared at my body ahhhh!

[Sounds of clothes falling to the ground and the both of them falling onto the bed.]

S - Mmmf! Oh Hero, kiss me again! Kiss me and tell me this moment will last forever. *Shuvi and Hero wrap themselves in each other's arms, their naked bodies writhing against another. Hero makes a comment about Shuvi's skimpy attire.*

S - It's not provocative! It's for tradition! ! I-I simply wear the traditional elven garb! *Beat* B-b-because it was only traditional for ro-royalty! WEll you didn't see me wearing it in the castle because... [Shuvi moans as Hero's hands begin to send chills up and down her spine.] Oh, yes! Yes! Grab me more with your rough hands, squeeze my breasts.

*As the foreplay intensifies, both Hero and Shuvi's hands travel south*

S - My, my. No wonder you carried a longsword into battle. You must find its size and weight similar to this mighty weapon.

S - Oh! Fuuuuck, right there, Hero. Rub me as I stroke this long, thick cock. It's soooo big, I can't even wrap my hand around it.

S - It looks quite-ah!-quite delectable, actually. I think I should give it a uh, a taste. *Beat* You-You want to taste ME as well? I... I guess I can't say no, to the man who stole the Lich King's Crown... [whispers] Or my heart.

S - Nothing! Just talking to myself. Here, let me lay upon you so that you can feel my soft thighs around your head. Ah! Yes, I am wet. So very wet thanks to you. Thanks to this, this robust and sculpted body. These hands that ah! can hold an owlbear at bay but carry me with such gentleness. Oh yes! Right there! Right there! Keep swirling your tongue like that!

S - [Her voice becomes aggressive and hungry] And I'm wet too because of this! This gigantic human cock in front of me. *She begins to lick up and down the shaft.* Mmm, delicious!

S - Am I as delicious for you, Hero! Do you like how I grind my pussy against your face, up and down? SIDE TO SIDE? AHHHH! YES! Tongue me morrrre MORRRE! YES!

[Shuvi dives into Hero's cock, aggressively sucking the top half while still stroking the base.]

S - Glhk-Glhk-Glhk-Glhk-Glhk-Glhk-!

[Shuvi takes a gasp of air after a while]

S -FUCK! Oh, I'm cumming, Hero! I'm going to cum! I'm going to Ah! [squeals] *Shuvi gets picked up by Hero, held upside down while he continues to eat her out.* OH! E-Eating me in the air like this is so unbecoming of royalty! AHHH! BUT KEEP GOING! MAKE ME CUM LIKE A COMMON WHORE WHILE I WORSHIP YOUR GIANT FUCKING COCK!

[Shuvi abandons all thoughts of properness and begins to deepthroat Hero as she races towards a climax.]

[Improv to her muffled screams as Shuvi orgasms while still deepthroating Hero. After a few moments, the sound of Hero cumming can be heard as Shuvi greedily gulps it down.]

S - Fwah! Ahhh... Ahhh.... [Shuvi gasps for air after drinking Hero's cum.] *Hero lays her down on the bed gently.*

S - [Shuvi's breathing slowly returns to normal after a minute. when she speaks again, her hungry, greedy voice is still there.] Hero. I'm not done with you. Not done by a long shot. Rargh! *Shuvi pounces on Hero.* I'm going to ride you, Hero. I'm going to have you pump me full of your semen.

[Head slides in]

S - Ahhhhh! Ohhh fuck. What a mighty beast I must slay. Oh fuck.

S - Oh! Yes! Thrust into me, Hero! You fucking animal, yes! [Reciporical thrusting as she starts to ride him harder.] I wondered where you hid your brutishness when n-not on the battlefield. Your fierceness in combat is a s-s-sight to behold, but you're as gentle as a lamb normally.

S - But this is where you hid it. You ravenous man! Yes! Pound me harder! Ohhhhhhh~

S - I know how much you love to watch my chest bounce up and down, don't you? So so just grab them, then! Yes, that's it! Grab them and squeeze my big tits while I squeeze your cock like a vice! AHH! Yes!

[Shuvi's speaking pattern becomes more erratic and intoxicated.]

S - God, these thick ropes of muscle like ropes on the ship! I just want to... to... [She starts biting Hero on the neck and chest.]

S - I'm going to mark you as mine, Hero. You've marked me as yours for all to see with your spirit seeping into me tonight. And I'm going to mark you with visuals that all humans will-unf-understand! I'll mark you with my teeth!

*She starts biting into him, over and over, leaving as many marks as the fight against Ioga.]

S - Yes! I love it. Your body's covered in my spirit and marks! Oh, you love it, don't you, my Hero? Yes! MY HERO! You're all mine! I don't care if I am Queen! I don't care if I have to slay a thousand dragons, Hero!

S - [Whispering in his ear] I love you. And I'll love you in this life and the next, and the next, and the next. A thousand lifetimes won't be enough with you.

[Pace increases, and she starts to intermittently kiss Hero while speaking]

S - I'll remember this night, Hero. I'll remember this night like I've remembered every day I've spent with you. I swear to you. I'll never forget this magical night, my love.

[Improv to orgasm]

S - Ahhhhh~ Yes! You're filling me with your seed~ So much! Mmmmm, yes, yes, yes!

*Shuvi climbs off Hero and lays next to him in bed, both slowly catching their breath.*

S - I always imagined it, Hero. But I never knew it would be this good. This sweet. This warm. *Beat* [Switching back to a Tsundere Vibe] Well, of course, I thought about it before now. It's not like this was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Hmph! [sad/sweet vibe] I knew that I would never forgive myself if I didn't tell you how I truly felt.


S - I love you too, you silly, death-seeking, irrational, chivalrous, sweet... wonderful human. This won't be our last time, I promise.

S - I promise.

[Fade out to the sound of horses being drawn and swords clanging.]

S - [Grunting as she exerts herself while training.] Raaaagh! [Clang of swords] Ha! That's my victory, Sir Egath. Your squad will need to improve themselves before my coronation. You all can go now. I'd... I'd like a moment by myself.

[Door shuts]

S - [Sighs] I wonder how Hero and the others are doing? I don't even know how long it's been...

[Sound of muffled footsteps.]

S - Who goes there!? Rargh! [Sword slash against air] Wah- Hero! Bwilly? Avor? Thwipwickle!? What are you all doing here!? My coronation isn't for another month!

S - A wedding? Who do we know that's getting married!? ...Me? I don't- [Shocked Gasp] Hero! I... I...


S - YES! A million times, yes! [Kiss] But, my kingdom! But, what about my coronation? I'm being forced to preside as queen.


Kidnap me!? But, then my sister will have to- My sister! Did she set you up for this to take the throne? ...No? It was your idea? And she thought freeing me from my burden to live a joyous life of adventure was the perfect wedding gift? And... all it took was exploiting an ancient legal loophole in the line of succession?


S - [Nervous Laugh] My sister is undoubtedly the politician in the family. But what about my father? He won't let us waltz out of here! Especially in the arms of a human.


S - [Nonplussed] I'm guessing this part of the plan was Thwipwickle's idea. [Giggling as commotion starts outside.] I guess the adventure's just getting started!

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