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Stakeouts and Birthdays: Giving Your Goblin Teammate Her Birthday Present During a Mission

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Uli is a goblin rogue and the captain of your team in the Red Breaker guild. Barely coming up to your chest, she's small enough to slip under your nose and skilled enough to steal your wallet while she's there. Confident, athletic, and flirtatious enough to make a prostitute blush, you can't keep your eyes off her. Which is great because she can't take her eyes off you.

Uli is a goblin rogue and the captain of your team in the Red Breaker guild. Barely coming up to your chest, she's small enough to slip under your nose and skilled enough to steal your wallet while she's there. Confident, athletic, and flirtatious enough to make a prostitute blush, you can't keep your eyes off her. Which is great because she can't take her eyes off you.

You and Uli are across the street, keeping an eye out for movement from a gangster you're contracted on. However, it's also her birthday.

[SFX]---these are optional (tone/vocal direction/action description) emphasis

{Improv} --- Feel free to improve these sections, including parts you want and getting rid of parts you

don't like.


[Fade In] ...Welp. It's been eight hours, aaaaaand still no sign of him… I'm starting to think he never actually went in there. He might have just slipped out the back. What do you think?

Nah… I doubt that. Mara and Giezha (Gee-Jah) scouted the area first. No way in or out of the building. Which is why we're spying from across the street while the others get to go home...Welp. I guess it's just us… Stuck here… In this hotel room… Alone…

Thanks for doing this with me, by the way. would've hated to be stuck with scouting alone on my birthday. I know you'd never do that.

Hm? My tattoos? [Gets flirty and very Fdom] My my..., aren't we curious? Hmmm…. Well, these tattoos aren't just for show. A witch gave me them. They let me store spells with my body. It's how I can do… this!

[Illusory sounds]

Hah! Gotcha… Ahhh, I swear you humans are easy to spook… What? A present? Really? Um, alright.

[Gasp] Oh wow! How'd you know? This'll go great with the pearl earrings I got… What? A charm for my knife? Uhhhhhh no. It's clearly a set of earrings. Like here, hold on. See? The exact same shape and style.

Wait no! I still love them! I really **really** do! Aquamarine is like, my favorite!

[Sympathetic] Aww, c'mon. I really do love it. I've always loved aquamarine… [Flirtatious] And besides. I like my other birthday present even more.

[Short kiss]

Mmmm. I like the way that felt. It felt like the first time we kissed. Remember? [Kisisng] We were in the bathhouse, and I sat in your lap. Your rock-hard cock sandwiched between my bubble, but? [Giggling and another kiss] Don't try to play coy. We both wanted it.

[Voice become more serious] And now we get what we want.

[Aggressive kissing and moaning.]

Ohhh fuck. Yes.

[Ripping fabric]

Ahh! Don't worry about your stupid shirt. I'll buy you another after we get the reward money. So just sit there and let me get a good taste of you.

Mmmm. That's a good boy. Now. Why don't you go ahead and lick my pussy? Here. I'll make it nice and easy for you. How about I bring this little green pussy right up to your face. That's it. You're gonna eat me out, you hear me? And after you do that, you're gonna fuck me. You're gonna fuck me like your life depends on it.

Mmmm yes! That's right. Be a good boy, and eat me out while I hold your head in place. Ah! Oh, fuck yes. Mmmm, right there. Fuck! You're such a naughty boy. You're so hard while I grab your hair and make you eat me out like this! Oh, fuck! Yes!

Mmmh! Mmmh! Mmmh! Do you like it when I grind my wet pussy against you? Hmm? You like that? You like how your little goblin girl is grinding herself against your face while you sit there and take it!? I hope you do. Because I *llooooovee* it. It's so fucking hot watching you look at me with those hungry eyes of yours.

Oh, gods. You are a bad boy, you know that? I should punish you. But I think you're more than making up for it right now. Ahhh! Yes! Right there! Right there, right there, right there! Ahhh! Oh, fuck! Your tongue feels amazing! Oh, fuck, that's why Mara's so greedy all the time. But she's gonna have to fight me for you now. Now that I know you love eating pussy so much. Fuck! Ahhh!

Huh!? W-Woah! What are you doing!? Oh, fuck! Why are you standing! Oh, fuck, you're eating me out while I'm floating up on your shoulders. I-I-It's like I'm floating. Oh fuck, yeah! Keep licking me like that! That's so fucking hot. Gods, it feels so fucking good.

My legs wrapped around your shoulders, clinging onto you for dear life while you fucking tongue me! Oh, you're such a good boy! You're *my* good boy! Keep going! I'm still gonna fuck your face while you eat my pussy in the air!

Oh gods, yes. Grab my ass! Grab my ass and fucking shove my pussy in your mouth! Eat it up like you're starving! More! More! Keep going! Yes! Don't stop! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oh, fuck! Yes! I'm coming! I'm c-c-cuahhhhhh! Fuck!

Ahhhh…. Ahhh…. I don't remember cumming that hard in my life….

Huh? Not done? Well, of course we're not done! You think I'm gonna listen to you fuck Mara in the other room all this time and *not* get a ride myself?

[Wet SFX]

Ahhh! Oh fuck! You just slid me right in! Your cock's so fucking huge, but it just-ah! Just slid in like it was nothing! Oh yes! Fuck me! Yes, put me down on the bed and pound me into the fucking ground.

[Violent rustling]

Mmmm! Yes! That's it! That's a good boy. Does exactly what he's told. Mmm! Uses that big human cock and just shoves it in like he owns this cute little goblin pussy. Ahhh! Yes! It's so fucking tight on you isn't it? So tight. So wet. So hungry for your cock.

Ahh! Yes! Give me more! Put my legs behind my head and just pound me! I can see the outline when you go in and out. Gah!

Ahhh haha! Ah! You like the way you can see it? The way you can see your big cock bulging from underneath my toned abs? You like how despite all my muscle, you can still see your cock going in and out?

Mara told me how your moves were like nothing she'd seen… Or felt. How you made her addicted to you. Well congratulations. You've got me addicted to you now too. No way I'll be able to live without this big fucking cock inside of me. We're gonna wake you up with a blowjob under the covers and my pussy for your breakfast!

Oh, fuck! Ahhh! Yes! You hear me? Gonna fuck you every day that we're not out on adventures. And even when we are- oh yes, yes, yes- we're gonna sneak in your tent. Oh, gods! Ahhh!

[Bite nosie]

Ahhh! I'm sorry! I couldn't help it! You're just so good! And you look so tasty. I just needed a nibble for myself! Ahhh! Yes! Yes! Bite me back! Bite my shoulder and keep fucking pumping me like that!

[Voice becomes higher pitched]

Yes, just like that. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. You're gonna make me fucking cum. You're gonna fucking cum inside me, and I'm gonna squirt all over your big human cock. Don't you *dare* pull out, you hear me? I took a potion already, so just keep going! I wanna feel it. I wanna feel your cock well up and shoot inside me.

I want it! I want it! Cum inside me and fill my goblin belly up with your thick fucking load! I'm cumming so fucking hard right now! [Bite noise] Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm! I can't help it! I'm sorry! It feels so fucking good I can't help but bite and claw into your shoulders! I can't control my body right now.

Ahhhh! Yess! Cum inside me! Please! I'm begging you! Be my good boy and cum inside me please. Be my sweet, sexy, good boy and give Uli your cum. Cum inside your goblin, girl. Cum inside me and fucking fill me up! Ahhhh, yes!

[Rapid fire]


Ahhhhhh, mmm! [Cum SFX Mixed with loud tongue kissing]


[Improv final orgasm]

Ahhhh… Ahhh… Fuck. Th-that was amazing… Best haha, best birthday present ever, I guess. Oh fuck, my legs are shaking like crazy. I don't even think I'll be able to walk the rest of tonight. Gods, you eat me out like that, and you fuck like that? Ha! Happy birthday to me...

Bleeding? Uhhh, a little bit. Sorry. Let me just put some salve on it. Shouldn't be too bad. I'm glad you like how rough I got. I was kinda worried you'd get scared off. Not many people are used to someone my size taking control.

Well, I'm glad you don't mind. Because uh… I got a stamina potion with your name on it.

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