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Humans are fucking terrifying.

Gabriel, Call Sign Cloak, Haywood is no different, and this mercenary's newest job will plunge him deep into a conspiracy that could unravel The Federation itself.

Gabriel, Call Sign Cloak, Haywood was there when Aliens first crashed onto Earth, and now he's a mercenary, flying through space cracking heads. (When he's not drinking with his professor.)


But now, he's got two vampire-elf-alien twins asking him to find their missing sister. And they know just how to sweeten the deal. Soon he's swept up into a conspiracy that could destroy the Earth itself.


This is an explicit piece of sci-fi adventure and contains the following:

  • A curvaceous teal goblinoid with a penchant for explosives.

  • A game of cat and mouse with a busty four-armed spy.

  • Scenes with multiple partners and public displays of affection.

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