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Magical pizza. Haremlit Comedy with succubi goblins. And a whole lot more fun!

And the pizza has a magical property that makes the denizens of Theza feel some type of way. Slice of Life is a Fantasy Comedy (you guessed it) slice-of-life tale about protagonist Jacob G. Neric filled with adventure, pizza-related humor, and saucy action.

After finding the mob boss he worked for sold his soul to a succubus, he's transported to a high fantasy world in a mysterious city carved from a mountaintop. Separated into the Lower, Middle, and Upper Rings, the top lives the life of luxury while the Lower Ring toils in squalor.

Jacob's only weapon to help the people of the Lower Ring is a disk of immeasurable strength. Something that could change the way of life for the goblins, dwarves, ogres, and more that live there. Something this world has never seen before: Pizza. And the half-goblin, half-succubus companion aiding him in the world. And the buff and buxom dragon draconic daughter of the THICC Elf Queen who's stuck up and believes herself all-powerful.

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