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You'd think defeating the hellhound final boss and turning her into my girlfriend would have fixed things. Turns out it's just the start!

Thomas was a part-time freelancer and part-time floundering streamer for the MMORPG King of Death. A super mediocre game that he mastered so much that end-game raids were solo adventures! But when the game's sassy and scintillating fox spirit Akina appears, she pulls him right into the game!

It's up to Thomas to save the world from the destroyer of worlds. The ender of times. The queen of the underworld! The tall, buff, and beautiful hellhound Mira! But when she shows up on Level 1, he'll have to use his expert knowledge of the game and the broken potion-making mechanics to craft every advantage he can hope for.

This LitRPG Isekai adventure is packed with tons of humor, action, and "action" for you to enjoy. Featuring buff hellhound villains, prim and proper paladin elves, and tons of game-breaking humor, this harem fantasy story is filled with Solomon's trademark style.

If you're looking for a combination of No Game No Life with the broken potion making exploits from Skyrim, you've come to the right place!

PotionMaster-Cover Final.jpg
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