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He's not the hero New Queen City deserves, but he might be the only one they've got!

Returning home after being gone for years, CJ's just starting to break out as a hero in New Queen City, as the ice-cold D-Rank superhero, Emperor! With a sardonic robotic mascot, Pepe, by his side, he's ready to make a name for himself, and go from part-time deli-boy, to full time hero! But when the villainous former sidekick, Rex, nearly takes him from the headlines to the obituaries, he's thrown into a rabbit hole that goes deeper than he imagined.

Now, he needs to discover the source of the power-boosting technology wrapped around Rex's wrists and how it relates to Rex's old boss, the scintillating scientist and gravity-controlling supervillain, Heavenly Body.

Can Emperor discover the truth about the mysterious powerups that everyone is searching for in New Queen City before Madam Albright, and her shadow org, S.H.O.T (Superhero Observation Taskforce) turn the whole city upside down?

Will he save the day when Spitfire comes toe-to-toe with the homicidal, blade-wielding Killer Instinct?

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