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You'd think being a mind reader would make college easier. Wrong!

Want a slice of life urban fantasy haremlit title with college escapades and gyaru elves? Of course you do!

Alex is a mind-reading college dropout who just can't control his telepathic powers. After cheating on the entrance exam for the prestigious Elf University of Earth, he finds himself amidst a mesmerizing campus filled with dazzling elves, precocious dragons, and plenty of opinions about non-elves on campus.

As he grapples with the prejudices of the elven student body, Alex forms unlikely connections that will hopefully help him graduate. (Or at least survive his freshman year!) Alrie, the captivating gyaru cheerleader and daughter of the Dean, quickly becomes entangled with Alex, but can he confess his feelings before she finds out about his ability?


Alongside the way, Alex joins the Dragon Racing team, where his skills as a dragon wrangler help him tame the enigmatic Baja Wave rider, Ezi.


Within the halls of Elf University, Alex encounters a sardonic art student roommate named Zalina, whose wit matches her creativity. Dr. Gn'Rashin, the tough-as-nails orc professor, challenges Alex to unleash his true potential. Meanwhile, Omylia, the preppy freshman soccer prodigy, and Gigi, the irresistibly hot goth goblin cheerleader from Goblin Technical University, add unexpected twists to Alex's already tumultuous path.


In this captivating urban fantasy haremlit, Alex must navigate a world of magical academia, rivalries, and forbidden romances while concealing his extraordinary abilities. Will he rise above the challenges and make it to graduation? Or will it all come crashing down?

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