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The past can haunt you. Even if it isn't your past.

Ready for an absolute steal? Curse of the Crystal Rose, is the exciting Book 1.5 in the Reborn a Hero series, and you can get it for only 99 cents! (Or sign up for my newsletter!) And who says you can't get some goblin girls and haremlit for a good price? 

(Well, I guess nobody says that specifically, but still...)

Asher Merrick's been adjusting to his new life in Echo Veil after being reborn and becoming a hero. However, when a mysterious noble begs him and Uli Siannodel, the vivacious, confident goblin leader of their adventuring team, he's going to be thrown into a decade's old mystery, tightly wrapped around the Porterbrandy estate.

While everyone else is off training, it's up to Asher, and the oddly meek Uli to save the day. Will they solve the mystery of the mansion, fight the restless spirits inside, solve its puzzles, and lift the curse? Or does the curse of the crystal rose have more than just a few thorns?

Curse of the Crystal Rose attempt 23.jpg
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