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Closing Time: Your BFF Coworker Confesses After You Both Got Your Heartbroken

After losing an unfaithful lover to his boss, the listener finds himself with his BFF coworker... Who WAS the manager's girlfriend at the time.

Image by Adam Jaime

(Main Character} - Giovana - Late-20s to Early-30s office worker who recently found a video of her man with the listener's GF. 
[Brackets are for setting/sound direction, but optional.]
*Content in asterisks are for context and visualization.*
[The sound of a crowded bar/club as a glass is placed on the wooden bar, the sound of ice clinking as it swirls.]
G - Hey, Big Guy, save some of the bottle for me? Figured I'd find you, and there's no point in you drinking here alone.
*Giovana sits next to the listener and sighs.*
G - [Sigh] Charles, can we get a few more rounds over here?
G - Soo... I uh, guess there's no point in avoiding it, as it's the uh, talk of the whole fucking office.
*Listener makes a grunt of acknowledgment before taking another drink of his whiskey.*
G - Cocksucking bastard... *Giovana takes a drink of her own before making a disgusted sound.* Fuck! I just can't fucking stand that asshole! 
*The listener turns and pats her on the shoulder.*
G - *Sarcastic/Joking* Oh don't you go turning into the shoulder I cry on asshole. It was your girl that fucker decides to uh... *She notices what she's saying and the drop of the listener's face.* Shit, never mind. Just, ugh! Fuck that guy. And that stupid bitch too! Right? 
*The listener rolls their eyes a bit but nods along.*
G - Good riddance to bad rubbish, we don't need them!
[The sound of the bar grows as two glasses clink, signaling the passage of time.]
G - [Laughing ] And then...! And then she's just like [Mocking the listener's Ex-GF voice] "Uh, I don't know Giovana! I thought you wanted January to March's figures. [Regular voice] As if she didn't know Q1 meant October, November, December after working there for FOUR years!? What'd you SEE in her?
*More time passes, and the two of them begin to reminisce about their early working careers together. Feel free to freestyle this section if you want.*
G - [Sniffling] Thanks for staying with me tonight. I-I really needed it... I spent the best years of my life with that cold... unloving...shrimp-dicked asshole, and then he goes and posts his personal pornos online like I... Like I wouldn't see it. [Stiffled cry, or long sigh] 
G - I just thought he was the one, you know? We were talking about him taking over the Prague office, me going along as a top salesman, it was all so... perfect! 
*Giovana notices the look on the listener's face and grabs him by the shoulder.*
G - And youuuu! You were WAY too good for that blonde skank! I watched you chase her through college, treat her like a queen, we liked her, her friends like you... [Joking/increasing emphasis] Her mother LOVED you, and you were gonna get married! You proposed, and it was SO SO beautiful.
G - Oh, come here, Big Guy! Bring it in. *Giovana pulls the listener in for a hug and sighs. She lingers while hugging him and breathes in deeply.* [Whisipering to herself] Mmm, you smell nice.
*pulling away*
G - Well, it looks like it's last call.
G - Hey, I know we really haven't been drinking the last couple of hours, but... would you mind walking me to my apartment?
[City street sounds and gentle rain]
G - [Giggling] Oh god, I left my fucking umbrella at work! Thanks for being my night in drippy armor. *She clings to the listener's arms and makes a slight noise of content* Guess that's just who you are, huh?
[Walking, before keys jingle.]
G - [Fake excitement] Well! This is my stop... You can come in if you want, you know. [Said in a shy jumbled mess] ImeanIknowthatyouprobablywanttogethomenowbutifyouwantyoucancomeinforcoff- *The listener steps in close, and the sound of the rain can be heard dropping on their umbrella.* Well, I'll go warm up some coffee then... 
[Wet footsteps, door closing, coffee bubbling and pouring to signal the passage of time]
G - You're the only guy I know that actually LIKES pure black coffee. [laughing softly to herself] Weirdo... 
G - [Serious/Gentle] Hey, I just wanted to say that something: I really meant what I said when I said you were too good for her. I-I don't want you to think I'm trying to be anyway, but she always gave me a bad feeling...
*Listener points out that he said the same thing about their manager/her Ex-BF*
G - [Defeated Laugh] Haha, yeah... you got me there, Big Guy. I probably should've just... Ah, never mind.
[Walking away sound before the listener gently grasps Giovana's hand] 
*The listener asks her to say it.*
G - [Embarrased but trying to hide it] C'mon maaaan! It's not even... *She looks at the listener and sees the look on his face.* [Small gulp or soft gasp] 
G - When we were in college... I always wanted to-to be with you. I had planned to ask you out when that bitch started showing up. I didn't say anything because you were happy, and I wanted you to be happy. I thought she made you happy in a way that I... I never could.
G - I feel silly waiting to say all this until now. [Nervous Giggle] I probably should've just nev- [Giovana is cut off by the listener holding her tight and kissing her]
[Slight moan followed by a deeper kiss.] Ah! But what abou- [More passionate kissing with a single laugh of excitement and surprise. She's happy but just didn't expect this.]
G - Oh, fuck. [Clothes unbuttoning, voice muffled by the sounds of the two of them tongue wrestling] Touch me, mmf!
[Giovana moans at the feeling of the listener's fingers beginning to play with her.]
G - Oh fuck! Hah, yes, just like that.
[The listener takes time with foreplay, touching and grabbing at Giovana's body while carefully fingering and rubbing Giovana.]
G - Ohhhhh, god yes. Right there! Oh god, I want it like that. YES! Rub the outside while you finger it. AHHHH!
[Throw in some reactions and directions for the listener where you deem appropriate. The listener is very attentive to Giovana's directions and what she wants from foreplay.]
[The listener begins to switch from fingering Giovana to eating her out.]
G - Ahhhh! Oh shit, where did you learn that!? F-f-f-fuuck. [Wet sound of cunnilingus] Ohhhhh god, yes, yes, yes! 
[Again, take the foreplay in the direction you decide in terms of what Giovana wants. The listener is throwing himself into pleasuring her. There are years of sexual tension that'd unknowingly built up being released here.]
G - Ohh fuck, I'm cumming! I-I-I'm cummmmming AHHHHH! *Giovana cums all over the listener's face, wrapping her legs around his head.* ahhh! Ahhh! 
[Giovana takes long, slow breathes coming down, looking up at the listener.]
G - [Aggressive] Now fuck me.
[Shocked gasp and intense kissing with footsteps and a door slamming shut.]
G - Ah! *The listener throws Giovana on the bed, unzipping* 
G - Oh. Fuck. [Whispering while grasping the pillar of manhood.] Are you fucking kidding me!? [Switching to a seductive/playful tone] No wonder you care so much about foreplay when you've got this hiding away. [Giggling] Mmmmmm
[Sucking noises] 
G - [Layer over the sound of fellatio] Ohhh god, I can't believe you've been hiding this for so long. MMMfff, you're so fucking big.[Whisperring to self] Soo much bigger than him. I should try and see what I can do... with... this...
G - [Gasp] Youuu! *Listener lays down and starts eating her out again* You fucking... ahh! 
[More aggressive sucking transitioning to gagging]
G - [Breathless] Gah! Ahh... Ah... I'm gonna make you cum first. [Stubbornly goes back into deepthroating.]
[Freestyle the end as Giovana gasps from getting eaten out but manages to make the listener cum down her throat as she cums, gulping the cum down.]
[Cum SFX and gasping]
G - Ahh...Ahh... Fuck. I... I think it's a tie.
[Shuffling sounds of sheets rumbling around]
G - [Soft] Hey.
G - [Whispers] You don't think we're done, right? [Laughs] Well, considering you're still ahaha, **ready**, I guess we can...? 
G - AHHHHH! *The listener puts it in, much to Giovana's delight.* Ohhhhh fuck! You're so fucking big, so fucking big, oh god...
G - [Slightly breathless] Hey, Big Guy... I got an idea. Do you think we should maybe... give those assholes a little... payback?
[The listener starts to thrust into Giovana, who's VERY wet.]
G - Oh god! I'll-I'll take that as a yes. Should w-we start a facetime?
[Plap plap plap]
G - Y-yeah, sounds good.
[Sound of phone ringing]
G - Oh fuck, this is so god damn hot. [Giovana pauses momentarily and sees the phone call has connected.] Oh fuck, oh fuck! 
G - Ha... Ha... Hey, asshole! L-looks like you made the right call trading me in for that stupid skank! Cuz' now I know what it's like to get fucked by a **REAL MAN** A real man who treats me right and makes me cum!
[vigorous thrusting noises/wet/a little rough]
G - Jesus fucking Christ, I never knew I could feel like this! Oh god, Big Guy, you **REALLY** know how to treat a lady. Say hello to the happy couple.
[Thrusting slows down for a beat before picking up at a RAPID pace]
G -AHHHH FUCK! OH FUCK YES. OHHHHHH YEAHHHH, I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM ALL OVER YOU AGAIN. *beat* How'd you like his tiny shrimp dick, by the way, you dumbass *bitch*? Did you- oh fuck- did you like how quick he came after refusing to eat y-you out!? Ha! Enjoy Prague with that pathetic excuse of a man. 
*Changes her attention to the listener, looking him straight in the eyes, getting REAL into it*
G - You're such a fucking stud, you know that? I've never felt this fu-fu-fucking good in my life. I'm so fucking mad I didn't just snatch you up for myself. All this time, I could've felt y-your big cock inside me. And your hands all over my body AH! Oh god, you're gonna make me cum again, aren't you? You're such a treasure, you know that? I'm so sorry she-she hurt you like that. But don't worry baby, I'm-I'm gonna treat you right. The way you deserve. The way you treat everyone.
*She hears a noise from the phone and angrily switches her attention to the phone*
G -Shut up! You stupid fucking piece of shit! You don't know h-how to treat a man. You two fucking deserve each other. But he's mine now, you hear me!? HE'S MINE! AND I'M NEVER LETTING HIM GO. I'M GONNA WRAP HIM UP AND NOT LET GO!
disconnects as the rhythmic sound of sex continues on.*
G - [Whispering] I've never felt like this in my life. Never felt this, loved. Never felt love like this. [Whisperes close to ear] I've always loved you, you know that? I love you so much. I love how fun you are. I love how good you are. AHHH I love how ahhhhh **passionate** you are. 
G - Make love to me, baby. Make me yours while I wrap my legs around you and never let go! I don't ever want to let you go! [Sniffle] You won't let me go, will you?
[Wet noises as the SFX get louder.]
G - Ahhh~~ I love you too! I love you too, baby! Keep going, keep going, just like that, just like that, right there, right there! Cum inside me, cum inside me cum inside! [The big goosh] AHHHHHHH!!!! AHhhh! Oh god! 
G - [Freestyle the ending orgasm and come down]
G - I love you, Big Guy. I promise I'll never let you get hurt again.


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